Grecia parla di swap del debito continuano, ufficiale dice

Charles Dallara, direttore dell'Istituto di Finanza Internazionale, ha dichiarato all'Associated Press che è “costantemente parlare per telefono” con i funzionari greci e che i colloqui sono “venire insieme.”

Adventure Travel Show 2012: oratori

Nick Hewer

“For me the best kind of adventure holiday is when you let yourself fall back
on your own resources. When I visited Cuba I had only just landed and was
immediately offered a room in someone’s villa and people were incredibly
kind. One family even took me to a baseball game. Old Havana is incredible,
naturalmente, but you can travel everywhere by bus and one time I hired a horse
and a guide and trekked around the interior. But perhaps my most memorable
experience was finding myself at a dance party in Santiago de Cuba
surrounded by about 2,000 bambini. Quite intimidating actually. But I hired two
of the kids to look after me just in case and all was well.”

Nick Hewer is best-known for his role advising Lord Sugar on the hit
television series The Apprentice and recently became the host of Channel 4’s
Countdown. He also drove 9,000 miles from London to Ulan Bator in the annual
Mongol Rally in a 25 year-old Renault 4.

Nick Hewer at the Adventure Travel Show
The Apprentice to Overland Adventurer (1.30 p.m–2.15 p.m. Sab Gen 28)

Doug Scott

“I’ve never really understood the words ‘No’ and ‘Can’t’ and that’s been a
travel ticket to some amazing experiences. One year torrential rains in the
Maasai Mara meant the reserves were officially closed. Not to me I thought!
With my wife Trish and two old friends we headed off in the Land Rover
fording flooded valleys, wading through waist-deep waters in our best
underwear with angry hippos watching just a few yards away. Two-legged or
quattro, we all shared the same bits of land still above the waterline,
witnessing cheetahs lazing in the sun and lions hunting at close range. E
was unforgettable. The holiday Health and Safety Tsar would not have

Doug Scott C.B.E. was the first British climber to summit Everest in 1975, un
feat he achieved from the South West Face, the most difficult route to the
vertice. He is regarded as one of the outstanding mountaineers of all time,
having made more than 40 Himalayan expeditions mostly attempting new routes
or unclimbed peaks.

Doug Scott at the Adventure Travel Show
Big Wall Climbing (4.30pm – 5.15pm Sat, Jan 28); The South West Face (11.30alla
– 12.15pm; Sun, Jan 29)

Annabelle Bond

“Sun Valley, near where I live in Idaho, is fantastic. There’s so much to do
and yet it is so chilled. It is in the mountains and yet it is scorching
hot. One summer some friends and I set off in shorts and T-shirts on an
impromptu hike to the top of a nearby ridge. Then suddenly black clouds
appeared from nowhere and giant hail balls began belting down on us with
forked lightning so we had to ditch our underwired bras. And not of one of
us had a long-sleeve top. It’s always an adventure in the mountains and even
with a quick hike out your back door the rules of preparation still apply.
My friends still talk about ditching their bras to this day.”

Annabelle Bond is an adventurer, mountaineer, endurance runner and campaigner
who climbed the Seven Summits (the highest peaks on all seven continents) in
a record-breaking 360 giorni. Other feats include a 250kms self-supported
endurance race across Namibia and a dog-sledging expedition to the North

Annabelle Bond at the Adventure Travel Show
Having Goals and Confronting Fear (10.30a.m. – 11.15a.m. Sun Jan 29)

Benedict Allen

“I was once invited to circumnavigate Ramsey Island, off the Pembrokeshire
Costa, by kayak but having once been marooned on a rock north of Australia
wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. Tuttavia, there are no sharks or crocs
ci, I reasoned, and actually it turned out to be fablots of
interesting currents that make you go backwards, and seals that pop up to
have a good look at you, just when you are trying to time a run through
tricky water. I loved being eye-to-eye with so many sea creatures, cerca
up at the towering cliffs and slipping in and out of forbidding caves. A
great reminder of the riches to be had back home.”

Benedict Allen is one of Britain’s most prominent explorers and the first
“television adventurer”. He is particularly known for solo wilderness
viaggi senza tecnologica back-up a seguito di un periodo di formazione da solo
con una comunità indigena remoto. Ha scritto 10 libri e presentato
sei serie della BBC.

Benedetto Allen al Adventure Travel Show
Contro di essa (12.30 p.m. - 1.15 p.m. Sun Jan 29)

Charley Boorman

"Se vi piace la vita all'aria aperta, Il Canada è un parco giochi incredibile per tutto
dagli sport invernali e motoslitte equitazione per andare nel deserto
canoa e campeggio. Come meta turistica che ha assolutamente tutto
ma l'esperienza che spicca davvero per me era alpinismo. I
è andato arrampicata con un vero eroe montagna, Barry Blanchard, che ha reso ancora
più emozionante. Ma non dovete sempre essere adrenalina di pompaggio, c'è
tanta storia e cultura per assorbire e Vancouver Island è una bellissima
posto dove andare e rilassarsi con l'Oceano Pacifico. If it gets too relaxing you can
always bomb it down a hill on a mountain bike or go skiing in Whistler.”

Charley Boorman is an actor and TV adventurer whose adventures on two wheels
with Ewan McGregor were documented in the series Long Way Round and Long Way
Giù. His latest series Extreme Frontiers made with Producer/Director, Russ
Malkin follows their 10,300 mile journey across Canada from Newfoundland to
the Rockies.

Charley Boorman at the Adventure Travel Show
Show Me The Adventure (2.30pm–3.15pm, Sun Jan 29)

Other speakers

Edward Parker

Edward Parker featured in the BBC1 TV series Harry’s Arctic Heroes. He came up
with the idea of helping wounded servicemen trek to the North Pole to raise
money for armed forces charities after his nephew was severely injured in an
IED blast on tour in Afghanistan.

Edward Parker at the Adventure Travel Show
Harry’s Arctic HeroesWalking With The Wounded North Pole Challenge (10.30
am–11.15am Sat Jan 28).

Monty Halls

Monty Halls is an explorer, TV presenter, marine biologist and ex-Royal Marine
officer whose TV career began when he won Channel 4’s Superhuman competition
in 2004. He has since presented numerous programmes and documentaries
including The Great Barrier Reef now showing on BBC2. Il suo nuovo libro,

Monty Halls at the Adventure Travel Show
The Great Barrier Reef (2.30 pm – 3.15pm Sat, Jan 28)

Mark Carwardine

Mark Carwardine is a conservationist, zoologist, BBC Radio 4 presenter,
wildlife photographer and award-winning author of more than 50 libri. Lui
presented BBC2’s Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry and The Museum of Life,
a six-part TV series about the Natural History Museum.

Mark Carwardine at the Adventure Travel Show
Mark Carwardine’s Ultimate Wildlife Experiences (3.30pm – 4.15pm. Sab Gen 28)

Rhys Jones Chris Parkes

Rhys Jones is the youngest person to have climbed the Seven Summits – il
highest mountains on all seven continentsa feat he achieved when he was
solo 20. He now runs RJ7 Expeditions and is leading the February, 2012
Pilgrim Bandits Kilimanjaro trek climbing with a team including five forces
amputees who have lost limbs in recent conflicts. Chris Parkes from 3 Rifles
who lost a leg in an IED explosion in Afghanistan is joining the expedition
in February with four other amputees.

Rhys Jones Chris Parkes at the Adventure Travel Show
Pilgrim Bandits Operation Snowcap 2. (5.30pm–6 pm, Sab Gen 28)

Doug Allan

Doug Allan is a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning cameraman whose credits include
such ground-breaking wildlife series as Life in the Freezer, Polar Bear
Wildlife Special, The Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Life. His most recent
work includes Ocean Giants and Frozen Planet. He recently won a bar to the
Polar Medal he first won in 1984.

Doug Allan at the Adventure Travel Show
Wilderness Camera (1.30 p.m–2.15 pm Sun Jan 29)

Richard Madden

Richard Madden is a Telegraph adventure travel writer and editor who has ghost
written three books for Bear Grylls and presented adventure documentaries
for the Discovery Channel. He recently spent six weeks as the relief manager
of Greystoke Mahale safari lodge in the Mahale Mts on Lake Tanganyika, domestico
to the world’s largest population of wild chimpanzees.

Richard Madden at the Adventure Travel Show
Being Lord Greystoke (3.30pm–4.15pm. Sun Jan 29)

The Adventure Travel Show

Join the world’s leading adventure experts for what is Britain’s only event
dedicated to experiences off the beaten track.

The Telegraph Adventure Travel Show will provide inspirational advice,
fotografia, writing seminars and talks from experts, explorers, Tour
leaders and writers who will help you uncover your perfect adventure. Queste
will include Ben Fogle, Monty Halls, Nick Hewer, Doug Scott and Charley

The best specialist tour operators will offer guidance on everything from
walking and trekking to safaris, exploratory journeys, overland trips,
life-changing volunteering projects and much more. Vedere

Dates Gennaio 28-29.
Posizione Olimpiadi, Londra.

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“TELEGRAPH” when booking online at
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Sane abitudini aiutano a sfruttare al meglio le vostre vacanze

Era il mio ultimo giorno ad Atene dopo aver trascorso diverse settimane produrre due televisiva emozionante mostra sulla Grecia. Il mio cervello era fritto. Ero preoccupato che fosse un raffreddore, e ho sentito che ammalarsi era il modo di dirmi di rallentare di Dio. Invece di uscire su un tiro, Ho mollato il lavoro e trascorso la giornata sdraiati a bordo piscina sul tetto del mio albergo. Per fortuna, ha funzionato. Il giorno successivo, Mi sentivo ricaricata.

Dopo 30 anni di viaggi, Ho capito che cosa devo fare per rimanere in buona salute quando si viaggia. Per me, benessere inizia in casa. Un freddo precoce viaggio era una data fino a quando ho imparato questo trucco: Pianificare come se si sta lasciando due giorni prima sei veramente. Tenere l'ultimo di 48 ore periodo sacro (a parte il vostro programma di lavoro normale), anche se questo significa essere frenetici prima della data di partenza falsa.

Chi vola attraverso più fusi orari deve fare i conti con il jet lag. E 'semplice a primavera il vostro orologio da polso six a nove ore avanti, ma corpo orologi non resettano così facilmente. Dopo aver attraversato l'Atlantico, il corpo vuole mangiare quando si dice di dormire e dormire quando si forza per andare al Louvre. Non si può evitare il jet lag, ma non avete a condannare se stessi per zombiedom sia. Sul volo sopra, Mangio leggermente, bere molta acqua, evitare caffè e alcool, e minimizzare zucchero. I film in volo sono buoni per una cosa, tempo di nap. Con due o tre ore’ dormire durante il volo, sarete funzionale della giornata si terra.

Al suo arrivo, pianificare una buona passeggiata. Jet lag odia l'aria fresca, luce del giorno, e l'esercizio fisico. Vegliate almeno fino alla prima serata. Avrete probabilmente svegliate molto presto la prima mattina. Uscire e godere di una “Mi pizzico, Sono in Europa” camminare, i commercianti, istituito nel mercato e la città viene lentamente alla vita. Questo sarà probabilmente l'unica alba che vedrete in Europa.

Per rimanere in buona salute, è fondamentale per ottenere abbastanza sonno. La maggior parte delle persone hanno bisogno di sette-otto ore a notte. E 'forte la tentazione di andare, andare, andare mentre sei in Europa. Il modo migliore per rimanere in buona salute è quello di camminare da soli e conoscere i propri limiti.

Ora, una parola su acqua europea. Io bevo l'acqua del rubinetto e l'acqua servita nei ristoranti. Leggere attentamente le indicazioni, tuttavia: Alcuni rubinetti, compresi quelli sui treni e aerei, non sono per bere.

Cercare una decalcomania che mostra un bicchiere con un rosso “X” sopra, o un teschio e le ossa incrociate. Anche con acqua potabile, si può ancora ammalarsi.

Se si ammalano, essere proattivi. Per aiutarvi a stare meglio in fretta. Per i disturbi minori, una buona prima tappa è la farmacia di quartiere. Farmacisti europei diagnosi e prescrivono rimedi per la maggior parte dei problemi semplici. Per problemi più seri, chiedere cliniche locali. Le visite sono generalmente gratuiti, coperti dal Servizio Sanitario Nazionale.

Non lasciare che la paura di paralizzare male i vostri viaggi.