Afghanistan per aprire un'ambasciata in Grecia

Afghanistan aprirà un'ambasciata in Grecia nel giro di pochi mesi, per contribuire ad affrontare le decine di migliaia di migranti clandestini afgani ci, un funzionario ha detto Domenica.

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La Grecia è il principale punto di ingresso in Europa per i migranti provenienti da tutto il Medio Oriente e Nord Africa, including Algerians, Pakistanis, Somalis and Iraqis as well as Afghans.

Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Janan Musazai said the new embassy in Athens should be open by the end of March. Kabul will close its embassy in Bulgaria at the same time, ha detto.

Circa 50,000 Afghans illegally enter Greece each year, Musazai said. Most are seeking a better life in the European Union and choose Greece because of its porous land border with Turkey. But many are either caught and jailed or find themselves stranded.

Musazai said a government delegation late last year provided 650 passports to Afghans who wanted to return home, and persuaded authorities to free 100 Afghans held in detention centers for illegal entry.

Most of them regret leaving and don’t want to go on to any other countries in Europe,” ha detto. “They just want to come back but they need a passport.

The land border between Greece, which is in the EU, e la Turchia, which is not, is among the most porous of the outer boundaries of the Schengen zone, 26 European countries that have eliminated border controls. A migrant who crosses into the Schengen zone undetected can then travel on to any of those countries without showing any documents.

But many migrants are either caught in Greece or find themselves stranded with no money and no papers, often because migrant smugglers keep passports until they are paid in full.

Greece has been overwhelmed by a flood of migrants from many countries who see it as a gateway to European riches. In 2010, Greece accounted for 90 percent of the bloc’s detected illegal border crossings, rispetto al 75 cento in 2009.

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Ambasciata in Grecia dei richiedenti asilo afghani

Afghanistan will open an embassy in Greece to help thousands of Afghan asylum seekers stranded while seeking a better life in Europe, the foreign ministry in Kabul said on Sunday.

The embassy, to be opened around March, will provide illegal Afghans with travel documents, mainly so they can return home.

Afghanistan plans to open an embassy in Greece within a few months to assist illegal Afghan migrants by providing passports for them,” foreign ministry spokesperson Janan Mosazai told reporters in Kabul.

Ha detto 50 000 Afghans enter Greece via Turkey each year, but most end up in jails or get deported.

There has been a surge in the number of Afghans leaving the war-weary country in the last five years, according to Afghanistan’s ministry of refugees.

Many never reach destination
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that in 2010, more of the world’s refugees — alcuni 30% — came from Afghanistan than any other country, with more than three-million in 75 paesi in via di.

Most of those who leave go to Pakistan or Iran, but some borrow cash or hand over their life savings in the hope of a better life further afield.

The journey to mainland Europe can take months or even years and many never reach their destination, getting arrested and deported along the way or succumbing to other perils.

Some walk for weeks across the treacherous mountains of Iran, west of Afghanistan, towards Turkey, before crossing by land through eastern Europe, or by sea to Greece and Italy to escape a country at war for three decades. –AFP

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