Intercontinental Hotels ottimista sul recupero di Europa

By Simon Zekaria

–Intercontinental Hotels’ CEO ottimista sulla ripresa europea

–Impatto della crisi del debito in Europa su hotel e mercato dei viaggi sarà di breve durata

–IHG intende più che raddoppiare la propria presenza nei mercati emergenti nei prossimi anni

LONDRA (MarketWatch) — Crisi del debito in Europa potrebbe avere un impatto a breve termine sulla struttura globale e il mercato dei viaggi, ma Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG.LN ), il più grande del mondo operatore alberghiero per numero di camere, è ottimista su un eventuale recupero anche come mali macroeconomici nuvola visibilità, Amministratore Delegato Richard Solomons ha detto Dow Jones Newswires.

Ampi archivi cali hanno continuato tutti i mercati, mentre i prezzi del petrolio e l'euro hanno subito cadute in un sell-off globale, gli investitori prendono le loro posizioni sui timori fresche su un default greco.

If you look around the world and you are looking for signs of a slowdown, Europe probably is it,” said Solomons in a recent interview. “We have to recognize the euro zone has got some issues economically and the resolution of that, whichever way it goes, is potentially going to have some short-term impact. But long term, I am sure they’ll get it right. It’s a huge, wealthy population.

We are actually quite small in some of the worst markets –Grecia, Irlanda, Portogallo, Spain.Solomons added.

Solomons said Eastern Europe remains key to its growth potential even though the group’s major focus for expansion is booming emerging economies. “[L'Europa è] not going to be the fastest growing part of our business over the next few years, but I think there are opportunities, particularly in some of the developing markets there.

IHG, which largely operates a franchise rather than direct ownership model, has seven brands but has previously said it has the scope to widen its portfolio, given the roster of rivals which have more than double that number, such as U.S.-based Marriott International Inc.

/quotes/zigman/213258/quotes/nls/mar MAR

, which owns the Ritz-Carlton chain, and Sheraton-owner Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide Inc.

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It plans to more than double the size of its operations in China, India and the Middle East in the next few years as it takes advantage of growing traveller numbers and global economic trends, boosted by increased life expectancy, the use of low-cost airlines and Internet access.

The company expects to provide more information on the roll-out of a new upscale brand in China towards the end of the year, and on a new midscale brand in the U.S. early next year.

Solomons said there are plans to export the Chinese brand internationally. “I think we will. Non posso [dire] quite how or when. We know that it will have an appeal in the broader Asia market, and probably longer term [ci] volontà [essere] an opportunity to put it into even Western markets where there is going to be a lot of Asian business.

Solomons said the group, con circa 4,500 hotels and a further 1,200 in the pipeline, ha “enormous growth built in,” but added it remains on the lookout for add-on deals.

We don’t need to do mergers and acquisitions to grow. If you think about our scale markets where we have expertise, it probably makes most sense to bolt something on–[quali] in the U.S., China and the Middle East.


aggiungi Add MAR to portfolio




aggiungi Add HOT to portfolio



Capo della Chiesa greco a recarsi in Germania per i test medici

L'Arcivescovo di Atene e All
Grecia Hieronymos II è in viaggio per Germania per i test medici,
il Arcidiocesi di Atene ha detto in una dichiarazione sul suo sito web.

L'arcivescovo è stato colpito da febbre persistente e
un'infezione, la Athens News Agency statale ha riferito oggi.
Hieronymos è stato capo della Chiesa ortodossa in Grecia dal
Febbraio 2008.

Per contattare il reporter su questa storia:
Paul Tugwell a
[email protected]

Per contattare l'editore responsabile di questa storia:
Angela Cullen a [email protected]

Possibili scioperi possono interessare Viaggio in Grecia – Circa

I was so hoping thatstrike seasonhad paused for the time beingbut no. If you’re traveling in Greece right now, several potential strikes may impact you. Solitamente, one or two will fade away without actually happening, but be aware of the following:

Giovedi, September 21st. Public Transportation in Athens Just about the only thing operating will be the taxis, making arrivals and departures very tricky.

Domenica, September 25th. Air Traffic Controllers – 24-hour strike slated for Sunday, September 25th. This long an action usually impacts travel for a day or so after, as airlines scramble to get passengers to their destinations.

Mercoledì, 28 ottobre. Air Traffic Controllers – 4-hour work stoppage. My sense is that one or both of these two actions will probably be cancelled, but that’s just a guess.

More on Scioperi in Grecia

Città tedesca ossessionato dal fantasma di Hitler

On a mountain-bike, the cyclist comes barrelling through the Bavarian pine forest, racing along a rough alpine track straight through what would have been Adolf Hitler’s living room.

He does not stop, or even glance, at the greyish stone wall set in the nearby hillside which is all that remains of Hitler’s mountain retreat, known as the Berghof, his favourite residence for more than 10 years until his death by suicide in a Berlin bunker in 1945.

The Berghof, half way up a Bavarian mountain, was damaged by bombing at the end of the Second World War and U.S. occupation forces dynamited what was left.

No signpost indicates the way to it, but a notice board does tell visitors they have reached the right spot once they find this historical no man’s land, neither quite on, nor off the map, a symbol of how Germany still finds it difficult to deal with its Nazi past.

In contrasto, Hitler’s “Tea House,”noto come il “Eagle’s Nest,” a nearby mountaintop lodge, is well on the beaten track.

Tens of thousands of visitors follow a dizzying road to the top for breathtaking views of peaks and valleys in both Germany and Austria.

The 1,800-metre-high Eagle’s Nest, which now houses a restaurant, a cafe and shops selling books with titles such as Hitler’s mountain, was a gift from the Nazi party to its leader on his 50th birthday.

It is said he suffered from fear of heights and visited infrequently.

Historians want both sites preserved for posterity, but others fear highlighting any site too closely associated with the Fuehrer could encourage perverse pilgrimages or turn the area into a Nazi Disneyland.

You must be very careful not to foster a fascination with Hitler,” said Axel Drecoll, a 36-year-old historian in charge of the local documentation centre whose exhibits, visitata da 160,000 persone all'anno, depict both Hitler’s domestic life on the Obersalzberg mountain, overlooking Berchtesgaden, along with Nazi crimes.

You’ve got to satisfy the curiosity of the tourists without pandering to sensationalism,” ha detto.

Locals were appalled when a newspapers this year reported that a British company was offering a Hitler holiday to Berchtesgaden, along with other sites associated with the Fuehrer.

That really made waves,” said local tourism director Michael Griesser who recalls how Bavarian authorities sought to stop the so-called Face of Evil Tour before realizing they were dealing with ordinary tourists rather than neo-nazis. Naturalmente, there are still a few of those.

Alcuni, surreptitiously, lay flowers and candles at the Berghof on Hitler’s birthday, or wreathes on the anniversary of his death, but the documentation centre, a short distance away, quickly disposes of them, says Drecoll.

The real problem, egli crede, isn’t right-wing radicals but the fact that, as people grow less afraid of the Nazi past, “the line between historical inquiry and commercial kitsch gets blurred.

Ingrid Scharfenberg, 80, who runs the Zum Tuerken guest house, one of the few original buildings still standing near the Berghof, feels she’s herself treated like a Nazi exhibit.

People say this is the brown (Nazi) mountain and that everyone in Berchtesgaden is Nazi. You can’t blame generation after generation just because (Hitler) once lived here,” ha detto.

Il U.S. military kept a lid on the place for years by turning it into a recreational area for soldiers before handing the mountain back to the Bavarian government in 1995.

Until then all ruins, tra cui alcuni 12 kilometres of underground tunnels and bunkers, much of it closed to the public, had been subject to an official, but secret, preservation order.

But the order was then liftedfor political reasons,” says Egon Johannes Greipl, head of Bavaria’s Office for Ancient Monument Preservation.

And authorities started carting off what remained of the rubble.

A few marble paving stones from Hitler’s terrace did get recycled, by mistake, into a small outdoor chapel, newspapers said.

Greipl now wants the preservation order restored.

After all nobody would think of demolishing the ruins of Olympia (Grecia) and argue it would be better preserved in a documentation centre.

It’s original historical evidence you have on the Obersalzberg,” dice.

Those opposing the idea fear neo-Nazi pilgrimages, or the jeopardizing of local tourism through too close an association with Nazi history, said Greipl.

Charlotte Knobloch, the 78-year-old leader of the Jewish association in Munich, argues that neo-Nazi pilgrimages are not possible precisely because everything, outside of the documentation centre, has been done away with.

A pilgrimage site must have a focus and there isn’t one,” ha detto, underlining her opposition to any preservation order.

Try as it may Berchtesgaden, come la Germania, has trouble finding the proper balance when dealing with such history. A five-star hotel, recently built on the ruins of a house that belonged to Nazi leader Hermann Goering, near the Berghof, made sure all rooms were provided with a copy of a historical book on Hitler’s crimes.

But such bed-time reading bothered some guests and the books were removed to the hotel library.

Vacanze in Turchia Specialista Rapporti Poor Prenotazioni mercato Tardo

Air Force Lt. Col. Sean Hackbarth aspetta Martedì a essere soprattutto un giorno normale. Ha intenzione di presentarsi al lavoro presso la Federal Aviation Administration, dove lui è un legame militare, e pendolari a casa a Northern Virginia quando il giorno è fatto.

Consistenze di fine mescolato come promessa di greci fix affievolisce debito

NEW YORK (AP) — Investor optimism faded in a hurry Tuesday after two days of conferences ended with no resolution to Greece’s debt crisis.

Stocks erased nearly all of their gains in the last hour of trading after rallying for much of the day on hopes the Fed would stimulate the economy.

At the closing bell, the Dow Jones industrial average was left with a gain of 7.65 punti, oppure 0.1 per cento, a 11,408.66. It had been up as much as 149.21 points earlier in the day.

Lo Standard Poor 500 indice è caduto 2, oppure 0.2 per cento, a 1,202.09. The Nasdaq composite fell 22.59, oppure 0.9 per cento, a 2,590.24.

Many analysts believe the Fed will announce a new stimulus plan at the end of a two-day policy meeting Wednesday. But another two-day meeting, a teleconference between Greek officials and international lenders, spurred sellers late in the day.

After the teleconference, the European Commission said debt inspectors would continue to review Greece’s progress on its budget goals early next week. That suggested to investors that a resolution to Greece’s debt crisis wouldn’t come in the next few days.

Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos attempted to convince the European Commission, Fondo Monetario Internazionale e la Banca centrale europea, known collectively as the Troika, that Greece can make deep budget cuts. Greece must meet the Troika’s strict budget targets in order to qualify for a second installment of the rescue package it received in 2010 to keep it from defaulting on its debt.

Greece is only one of several European countries that investors fear may be at risk of failing to pay their debts. On Monday night, the ratings agency Standard Poor’s cut Italy’s credit rating by one notch, citing the country’s growing debt and weak growth outlook. Italy has the second-biggest debt burden among countries that use the euro, dopo la Grecia.

If Greece or Italy were to default, European banks that have lent money to the countries could lose billions of dollars. That could hurt the European banking system and have repercussions for U.S. banche, which have lent billions to their European counterparts. Investors are concerned that a default in Europe could cause a lending crisis similar to what happened after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Investors have shifted between optimism and pessimism that the region’s debt problems will be resolved. Stock prices have swung sharply for months in response to investorschanging mood. Moves of more than 100 points in the Dow have become commonplace.

Proprio ora, hopes are not high that Greece will avoid a default, said David Smith, chief investment officer at Rockland Trust Investment Management Group, a firm based in Rockland, Mass., that manages about $1.7 miliardi di patrimonio. “I’m sitting here, like a lot of investors, thinking we don’t have anything like a concrete solution,” ha detto.

A bleak forecast for U.S. economic growth added to fears the U.S. could be headed for a second recession, but sparked hopes that the Fed would be persuaded to enact stimulus measures.

The International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast for the country’s growth this year. Some saw it as another reason for the Fed to act. The IMF said it expects the U.S. economy to grow only 1.5 per cento quest'anno e 1.8 cento in 2012. Nel mese di giugno, it had forecast 2.5 per cento di crescita in 2011 e 2.7 cento in 2012.

The IMF also lowered its outlook for the 17 countries that use the euro because it fears Greece will default on its debt.

In a sign that the market’s afternoon rally was a cautious one, stocks were led higher by industries that tend to do well regardless of the economy, like utilities and health care. Investors are reluctant to take much risk, said Quincy Krosby, market strategist for Prudential Financial.

The market already thinks the Fed has telegraphed that it wants to push down rates,” said Krosby. “What you’re witnessing now is traders taking profits.

After the close of trading, software company Oracle Corp. said its server business had weakened in its most recent quarter, sending the company’s stock down 2.3 percent in after-hours trading.

In other corporate news, Carnival Corp. rosa 5.1 percent after it said its 3 percent rise in quarterly earnings was due in part to higher ticket prices. There were concerns that consumers would cut back on travel because they’re worried about the economy, but the cruise line’s profit beat forecasts.

Ralph Lauren Corp. rose to an all-time high of $154.62 after an analyst upgraded the stock because of its strong international business and sales of higher-priced merchandise.

Apple Corp. also hit an all-time high of $422.86 una quota. The company is seen as able to withstand a weak economy because of the huge popularity of its iPhones and iPads.

Netflix fell 9.5 percent a day after customers balked at the streaming video and DVD rental company’s decision to separate its two businesses.

ConAgra Foods Inc. caduto 1.7 per cento dopo il creatore di cibo, ha detto maggiori costi per gli alimenti di consumo inviato il suo profitto trimestrale giù 42 per cento, al di sotto delle aspettative degli analisti di Wall Street.

Molycorp Inc. immerso 12 per cento dopo un analista di JPMorgan declassato magazzino del minatore a causa di un forte calo del prezzo dei minerali di terre rare.

Quasi due le scorte sono calate per ogni uno che è salito. Trading luce fu, a 3.8 miliardi di azioni.

Vacanze centrali e Libertà Modulo Travel Alliance

Settembre 20, 2011

By: George Dooley

Agente di Viaggio

Central Holidays Travel Group reports an agreement with Liberty Travel that makes the Central Holidays family of brands preferred providers for all of the company’s travel agencies offering a wide range of travel services. This includes travel to Italia, Grecia, Francia, Spagna, Portogallo, Cipro, Turchia e Egitto – including motorcoach escorted inclusive tours, independent itineraries, customized group travel, fly/drive programs, crociere, ski vacations, car rentals, and meeting and incentive services.

“We are pleased to be selected as a preferred supplier by Liberty Travel, which is one of the one of the largest and most experienced travel agencies in the U.S.,” said Fred Berardo, president of Central Holidays Travel Group. “The company has more than 170 travel agencies in North America staffed by more than 900 travel professionals as well as a proven and long-standing brand and we look forward to providing them with destination expertise and meticulously planned itineraries as well as superior service, supporto, and the ideal options to fulfill their clients’ travel needs.”

Established nearly forty years ago, Vacanze Central offre l'affidabilità e la sicurezza della prenotazione e viaggiare con un forte, lunga tradizione, robusto tour operator con una storia antica, nonché un costante impegno a fornire i migliori programmi di viaggio di qualità e servizio al cliente senza pari.

Some attributes of a Central Holidays escorted motorcoach tours include well-located European hotels, vino gratis, acqua minerale, e caffè con tutti i pranzi e le cene in tour Premier Scortato d'Italia, e l'uso della sempre più popolare “Ascoltate Cancella” sistema audio personale, che permette ai viaggiatori di ascoltare i loro amministratori del tour e guide locali dettaglio i luoghi visitati e le attrazioni.

Central Holidays also says it is also offering a “book early save” promotion for land-only escorted tours and programs. If you book early and place a deposit by October 31, 2011, you can save 10 percent on 2012/2013 land-only Escorted Tours to Italy, Francia, Spagna, Grecia, Turkey or Egypt.


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Per turisti, Crisi del debito greco è un concetto Distant

Greci hanno ridotto in vacanza, inducendo un 20 goccia per cento del turismo interno. Ma il numero di visitatori stranieri per le sue isole assolate e monumenti antichi è impostato per raggiungere un record di 16.5 milioni di quest'anno.

Cioè fino 12 cento da 2010, secondo l'Associazione delle imprese turistiche greche. Entrate assolutamente necessaria dovrebbe aumentare con lo stesso ritmo, netting 11 miliardi di euro ($15 miliardo).

In luoghi come il porto cretese di Rethimno, la crisi del debito sembrava un concetto lontano, a volte. Nel corso di una recente visita, ristoranti erano pieni lungo tutto il lungomare.

“Our foreign customers have always been our bread and butter,” Maria Stavroulaki, the owner of the Cnosso tavern, ha detto una sera di fine estate. “They saved us this year, troppo. "

Grecia deve affrontare una lunga strada della ripresa dopo due anni di austerità. Il ministro delle finanze, in una delle previsioni più ottimistiche, ha detto il mese scorso che l'economia potrebbe ridursi più di 5 per cento di quest'anno, prima lentamente tornando alla crescita 2012. Con la maggior parte degli indicatori economici che punta verso il basso, l'aumento dei visitatori è visto come una manna dal cielo.

Turismo rappresenta quasi un quinto del prodotto interno lordo del paese e uno a cinque posti di lavoro. Le esportazioni sono cresciute 40 per cento nel primo semestre del 2011, dopo un 25 goccia per cento in 2010, ma essi rappresentano una quota molto più piccola del prodotto interno lordo.

Navigazione costiera, che alimenta il turismo, buoni risultati, troppo. The number of passengers on crociera ships docking in Greece up 28 per cento nei primi otto mesi dell'anno.

“Without a doubt, il turismo ha già contribuito ad ammorbidire il colpo della crisi economica,” said Pavlos Geroulanos, la cultura e il ministro del turismo. “New markets keep growing and old ones are coming back with an old passion for Greece.”

Il rimbalzo, conseguito nonostante la forte concorrenza di rivali regionali come la Spagna e la Turchia, sembra essere parte di fortuna, pianificazione parte.

The Arab Spring uprisings diverted visitors from popular tourist destinations like Egypt, Tunisia e Marocco, analisti del settore dicono, e la Grecia è stata in grado di catturare una quota di tale.

Pubblicità sembra aver aiutato così, con le autorità centrali e locali che promuovono il turismo religioso, alpinismo e turismo agricolo. An online government video campaign called “You in Greece” showed satisfied visitors against a backdrop of tantalizing spiagge and picture-perfect ports.

Nel frattempo, the reduction in January of the value-added tax on hotels to 6.5 cento da 13 percent — one of the few tax breaks introduced amid several austerity measures — allowed hoteliers to reduce their prices to attract more customers.

“The first thing that the Greeks did right is drop their prices early this year,” said Toby Nicol, direttore delle comunicazioni del World Travel and Tourism Council, un gruppo industriale con sede a Londra.

Come al solito, circa un terzo di tutti i visitatori stranieri di quest'anno è venuto dai mercati più fedeli della Grecia: Germany — despite the grumbling over having to pay for Greece’s bailout — and Britain. Ma c'è stato anche un aumento di visitatori provenienti dalla Russia dopo la revoca delle restrizioni sui visti, alla fine dello scorso anno; da Stati dell'ex Unione Sovietica; e dalla Serbia, Israele, Turchia e Cina.

I dati ufficiali non sono suddivisi per paese di origine, secondo il capo dell'Associazione dei greci Turismo Enterprises, Andreas A. Andreadis, ma il numero di visitatori provenienti dai nuovi mercati sono in forte crescita e mostrano ricco potenziale per ulteriori guadagni.

“Greece is more accessible to Russia and Israel than Spain, per esempio, quindi dovremmo sfruttare questa,"Ha detto.

Per aiutare a mantenere un vantaggio competitivo, imprenditori vogliono sulle vendite per tutti i servizi turistici tagliati al tasso di base di 6.5 per cento. Alcuni pacchetti sono ancora tassati 13 per cento.

Sono anche facendo pressione per il dimezzamento delle tasse aeroportuali greche, che sono tra i più alti in Europa, e l'inversione del quasi raddoppio dell'imposta sul valore aggiunto nei ristoranti e bar, a 23 per cento.

Agevolazioni fiscali non sono sufficienti, anche se. Per la Grecia per costruire il successo di quest'anno, deve anche dissipare la sua immagine come una destinazione imprevedibile dove scioperi possono causare interruzioni dei trasporti e le proteste possono diventare violento, Sig.. Nicol ha detto.

“Travelers will think twice about visiting a destination if they’re worried about missing their ferry connection,"Ha detto.

Violente manifestazioni anti-austerità si pensa siano tenuti molti visitatori da Atene, dove gli arrivi sono diminuiti 3 per cento di quest'anno. Circa 10,000 cancellazioni di hotel sono state effettuate in una settimana particolarmente riottosi a giugno, when tough measures were being voted on in Parliament.

Ci sono state proteste anti-austerità su alcune delle isole, troppo, ma gli albergatori hanno fatto quello che potevano cavarsela.

Progress Grecia Cites '’ in colloqui, ma nessun affare

ATHENS—Greece reported progress Tuesday in talks with a troika of international inspectors over fresh austerity measures the country must take to meet its deficit goals, but failed to clinch a deal that would secure the country its next installment of badly needed aid.

Greece’s finance ministry said the negotiations madesatisfactory progressbut that the talks would continue over the weekend in Washington, where Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos is to attend the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Over the weekend in Washington, dove il signor. Venizelos will be participating in the annual IMF summit, il …