Athen Chosen als Europas beste Städtereise Reiseziel für 2018

Athens has been unveiled as Europe’s best city break destination for 2018, with its famous Acropolis also being chosen as Europe’s best tourist destination.

The World Travel Awards (WTA) Europe Gala Ceremony 2018 was held in the Greek capital over the weekend and saw Greek hotels and resorts win in other categories too:

  • Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2018 – Peloponnese
  • Europe’s Leading Beach Hotel 2018 – Porto Zante Villas & Spa
  • Europe’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2018 – Kivotos Mykonos
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Island Resort 2018 – Grand Resort Lagonissi
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Lifestyle Resort 2018 – Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Porto Heli
  • Europe’s Leading Luxury Villa Resort 2018 – Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas
  • Europe’s Leading New Resort 2018 – Lesante Blu Exclusive Beach Resort

The Greek National Tourism Organisation was also recognized as having the best national tourist strategy and campaign in 2018.

WTA was established in 1993 to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry.

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6 Dinge, die Sie nie zu einem griechischen Sagen Sollten

It’s tourist time in Greece again and you might find it difficult to understand some of the cultural etiquette to follow during your stay in this beautiful country. In order to help you avoid embarrassing conversations and awkward situations, here is a list of the top six things you should never say to a Greek.

1. “Can I have some Turkish coffee?"
Nicht, you may not. Wirklich, you never want to ask this question – not in a Greek’s home or in a cafeteria. Two reasons: zunächst, it is Greek coffee and you will be told entire story back story so be sure to get comfy. Zweitens, you’re in Greece, so again, it’s Greek coffee!

2. “Which way is the ocean?"
Greece is not located in the ocean! We have the Mediterranean Sea and it is divided into the other seas – the Ionian, Aegean and Cretan. If you have ever been to an island in the ocean you know there are huge waves. In Greece we are very proud of our beautiful, calm blue seas that are perfect for swimming, sailing and water sports.

3. “Where is the Pantheon”?
Wrong country. You mean the Parthenon. For Greeks, our history and historical ruins are an interwoven part of our culture and society. So before you come to Greece looking for the Pantheon — an Ancient Roman building located in Rome — do a Google search!

4. “Can you teach me something to say in Greek?"
This is a bad question to ask as many Greeks get a kick out of telling foreigners to try out the almost impossible to say, tongue-twisting word describing an ancient Greek festival dish invented by Aristophanes. Go on, try it and see how you do! It’s ‘Lopathotemachoselachogaleokranioleipsanodrimipotrimmatosiliphiokaravomelitokatakechimenokichlepikossiphophttoperisteralektruonoptokefalliokiglopeleiolagoosiraiovafitraganopterugon’.

5. “Here’s my address, look me up if you come to my country.”
Don’t say this unless you actually mean it! If you give your address to a Greek it is pretty much a given that if they are ever visiting your country, they will look you up. Greeks are known for their hospitality and after having welcomed you into their country, or island, or village, they will assume that you wish to do the same.

6. “Istanbul.”
Greeks still call this city Konstantinopoli. Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you call it Istanbul, but it’s a really sensitive subject for many Greeks for several reasons. Tatsächlich, if you buy a plane ticket from Greece to go to Istanbul, you will find that it says Konstantinopoli in Greek. Even the on the news reporters refer to Istanbul as Konstantinopoli. Here’s why: The city is not only seeped in Greek history, it is also because of its religious ties. Konstantinopoli means ‘City of Constantin’, and was named after the Byzantine emperor who established the city as the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire. It wasn’t until the Ottomans took over the city in 1453 that the name was changed to Istanbul.

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Neue griechische Fähre Anreise Links Sporaden nach Thessaloniki

White church in Skopelos, Skopelos island, Griechenland

The northern Aegean Sporades islands will have a new sea link to Greece’s second-largest city later this month.

Golden Star ferries will launch its Thessaloniki-Sporades ferry route on June 15 after getting the green light from the Greek Shipping Ministry.

With two new vessels, the ferry will depart from Thessaloniki at 10 a.m. every day before returning at 7.15 p.m. The cost of a one-way ticket will be €60 ($70), while a return ticket will set travellers back €108 euros.

The ferry route will operate until Sept. 9.

(Quelle: AMNA)

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Griechenland erwartet Rekord 32M Touristen in 2018, Tsipras sagt

Greece’s tourism industry is expected to draw 32 Millionen Besucher in 2018, in what will be a record year for the sector, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said.

Speaking at a general meeting of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SEVEN), Tsipras said that figures so far indicate that tourism revenues this year will be 12.8 percent higher than 2017.

The prime minister noted that Greece’s stability in a region that is vulnerable to crises has helped boost the country’s profile as a tourist destination.

Tourism ‘contributed €100 billion’ during Greek crisis

Speaking at the conference, SETE head Yiannis Retsos said travel receipts contributed €100 billion ($117 Milliarde) to the Greek economy in the eight years of the economic crisis.

Retsos said that in 2017, tourism revenue accounted for the 10.3 Prozent des Bruttoinlandsprodukts des Landes, while the sum of its direct and indirect contribution is estimated at between 22.6 und 27.3 Prozent des BIP.

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Griechisch Uhr Gesichter Proteste gegen Migrant Zahlen, Steuererhöhung in Lesvos

Lesvos is beefing up security for the visit of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and a host of ministers who will participate in regional conference on the Aegean island on Wednesday and Thursday.

Seventeen squads of riot police are travelling from Athens as local organizations are planning rallies against the government’s policies on migration and VAT hikes.

At a news conference, organizers said the protests surrounding Tsipras’ visit are the “last effort to pressure the government not to increase VAT on islands from July 1”.

Shops and local government offices are expected to close down in protest on Thursday, during Tsiras’s speech at the conference.

The Greek premier’s visit comes amid a fresh spike in migrant arrivals from Turkey.

Im April, dozens of migrants were injured after far-right extremists attacked a group of 200 migrants and asylum seekers who had camped out in the main square of Lesvos’ capital, Mytilini.

The local authority warns that similar incidents may occur again as tensions are hotting up in the island which is at the forefront of the migrant crisis in Greece.

Refugees and migrants who arrived on Greek islands after the March 2016 deal between Turkey and the European Union are barred from travelling to mainland Greece unless they obtain permission from the authorities.

Although a Greek court ruled last month that new arrivals will be allowed to move on to the mainland, those who arrived during that two-year period are still confined to the islands.

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Dieses romantische Candle-Light-Restaurant werden Sie reisen Stellen in Time

Warm atmosphere at Yiannis’ Taverna (Courtesy of

Traditional places on the island of Kreta are not difficult to find. Solitary villages, especially in the hinterland, still manage to maintain a special atmosphere that takes visitors on a trip back to happier times, where life was simpler and more genuine.

That is precisely the case of the village known as Kyparissi, located half an hour from the capital of Kreta, Heraklion, not far from Prophet Elias. In this village, there is a place completely different from the busier tavernas in town. Es ist Yannis’taverna and everything about it is special.

Those passing by will certainly be attracted by the warm atmosphere of the village restaurant. The candlelight dim-lit room, the fireplace and the endless rows of house wine barrels that decorate the beautiful place brings memories of a past when everything was no-frills. When life was about enjoying the taste of the land and the company for friends and family.

Warm atmosphere at Yiannis’ Taverna (Courtesy of

Music often comes to life together with Yiannis’ lyre and songs bringing joy to every visitor. At Yiannis’, everyone pays a fixed price and can eat as much as they want. The dishes are delicious and the wine flows uninterruptedly. Most ingredients are organic and the food is cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven.

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Zehn Dinge in Chania Sehenswürdigkeiten, Kreta

Die Moschee der Janitscharen und den Hafen

Die Präfektur Chania liegt im Westen Kretas. Die malerische Küstenstadt Chania ist die Hauptstadt und verfügt über ein gut erhaltenen historisches Zentrum sowie eine moderne Stadt, die die Gebirgskette der erreichen genug erstreckt Lefka Ori oder die Weißen Berge. Hier sind einige der Dinge, in Chania zu tun.

Besuchen Sie ein Mountain Village

Die White Mountains im Sommer (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The Tiny Buch).

Auf der ganzen Präfektur, Besucher werden traditionelle Weiler und Dörfer an den Hängen des Lefka Ori thront finden. Diese Orte unberührter Schönheit eine einmalige Gelegenheit bieten, mit der Natur in Kontakt zu sein, sowie mit der lokalen Küche, die ist einfach und schmackhaft. In den Bergen, ist es möglich, lokale Arten von Pflanzen und Tieren zu entdecken, einige von ihnen einzigartig auf der Insel

Entdecken Sie die Strände

Elafonisi Kreta
Elafonisi (Südkretas).

Die Präfektur von Chania ist der Bereich, der einige der schönsten Strände der Insel beherbergt. Falassana auf der Westseite ist bekannt für seine privilegierte Lage für Wassersport und einzigartige Sonnenuntergänge bekannt,. Auf dem Süden, weltbekannte Elafonisi, mit seinem kristallklaren Wasser und rosa Sand, Tausende von Besuchern verzaubert jedes Jahr. Für Abenteurer-Typ, die Halbinsel von Gramvousa und die einzigartigen Landschaft von Balos Strand ist die Fahrt über den Feldweg wert.

Entdecken Sie die Geschichte der Stadt

Der alte venezianischen Hafen von Chania.

Eine Stadt, die seit mehr als kontinuierlich bewohnt wurde 7,000 Jahre hat sicherlich ein paar Dinge, die Interesse an Geschichte zu bieten.

Startseite zu verschiedenen Herrschern und Besatzer, Chania zeigt jede Art der Architektur. Der venezianische Hafen verbindet sich mit den verschiedenen Minarette noch in der Stadt und die vielen byzantinischen Kirchen der Stadt stehen.

Sicherlich, gibt es keinen Mangel an Monumenten und Gebäuden, die Legenden des Venedig des Ostens zu sagen, wie es früher genannt werden. Ein Rundgang durch die Stadt, die Traditionen und Gastronomie kombiniert kann die perfekte Gelegenheit für eine andere Art und Weise sein, Chania zu erkunden.

Genießen Sie die lokale Gastronomie

Griechischer Salat mit Zwieback
Griechischer Salat mit Zwieback (Höflichkeit: Gabi Spiele).

Die Kreta-Diät wurde als eine der gesündesten der Welt, und es gibt keine besseren Ort, um zu versuchen, es vor langer Zeit erkannt, als auf der Insel. Hauptbestandteile sind die traditionellen mediterranen Produkten, wie Olivenöl, Gemüse und griechischer Joghurt enthalten aber auch Wildgemüse, lokale Sorten von Käse und leckere Fleischstück, wie eine Ziege oder ein Schaf. Alles ist in einer No-Frills-Art zubereitet, aber mit einem vernünftigen Gebrauch von Kräutern und Gewürzen - die Basis der einzigartigen kretischen Aromen.

Einkaufen bis zum Umfallen

Central Market von Chania (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The Tiny Buch).

Ein Besuch im Municipal Market, oder Dimotiki Agora, ist die beste Ausrede, einige der Traditionen der Insel zurück zu nehmen.

Als ein architektonisches Juwel und eines der wichtigsten öffentlichen Märkte in der Region sein, der Stadtmarkt gibt den Besuchern die Möglichkeit für lokale Produkte von ausgezeichneter Qualität zu kaufen. Oliven, Honig, Gewürze, Kräuter und Käse sind einige der kretischen schmeckt, dass die Touristen in der Regel zurückkehren wollen mit.

Probieren Sie kretische Weine

Oinotika Chania 2018
(Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Weinen aus Kreta).

Verschiedene Weingüter können überall auf der Insel zu besichtigen, und einige von ihnen sind in der Präfektur. Entweder wagen Sie sich in einer selbstgemachten Entdeckungsreise oder verlassen sich auf den klugen Vorschläge der einzigen lokalen Weintour von einem Sommelier laufen. In beiden Fällen sicher sein, dass Sie einige der besten Weine genießen zur Zeit in Griechenland produzierten.

Testen Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten in Extreme Sports

Bungee-Jumping in Aradena (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Andy Humpries).

Haben Sie schon einmal von einer Brücke gesprungen? Ist dies etwas, das Ihre Neugier verlockt, Kreta ist einer der Orte, an denen eine extreme Adrenalin spüren. Jeden Sommer, Aradena - in der Region Sfakia - verwandelt sich in den Treffpunkt für Bungee-Liebhaber, die es wagen, von einer Brücke stehend in die Lücke der Schlucht zu springen an 138 Meter Höhe. Wenn die Idee ist zu viel für Sie, versuchen, eine Wanderung in der Umgebung - die einzigartige Landschaft, die Sie ebenso begeistern wird und unvergessliche Erlebnisse bieten.

Erfahren Sie mehr über das lokale Olivenöl

Die Popularität von Supernahrungs wächst in einem schnellen Tempo. Das ist einfach, weil diese meist natürlichen Lebensmittel mit einem hohen Gehalt an Vitaminen verpackt, Antioxidantien, und Mineralien, während sie auch unzählige Vorteile, die ein längeres und gesünderes Leben leben helfen.
Olivenöl, Flüssiges Gold von Kreta.

Über 27 km (17 Meilen) von der Stadt Chania, es ist möglich, eine der ältesten lebenden Olivenbäume in der Welt zu besuchen. Es liegt im Dorf Ano Vouves gelegen, und es ist immer noch Oliven produzieren, die natives Olivenöl extra in ausgezeichneter Qualität zur Folge hat. In der Nähe, gibt es auch ein Museum und eine alte Olivenölfabrik, beide für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich und Lehre Besucher alle Geheimnisse der Geschichte dieser lokalen Schatz.

Segeln auf das kretische Meer

Segeln Kreta (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von A Pinch of Soul and Style)

Heimat von drei schönen Halbinseln - Gramvousa, Rodopos und Akrotiri - Segeln vor der Küste von Nord-Kreta können Sie für viele in eine Überraschung drehen. Entweder Sie für eine Version von extremem Luxus Segeln gehen oder entscheiden sich für eine bescheidenere Segeltörn, die kretische See Cruisen ermöglicht es Ihnen, in einigen der blaueste Wasser des Mittelmeers zu tauchen, oder sogar Ihre Fähigkeiten Fischerei versuchen.

Genießen Sie einige der lokalen Festivals

Musik in Chania (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The Tiny Buch).

Fast jede Woche des Jahres, gibt es ein Fest in den Dörfern von Kreta zu genießen. Eine Kultur, die so ziemlich dreht sich um Essen, Trinken und Musik ist nichts anderes als eine Garantie für Spaß und Freude aus lokalen Tänzen und Liedern. Ob es sich um Ostern, der 1. Mai oder der Tag der Jungfrau (August. 15), jede Stadt in Chania erlaubt den Touristen die kretischen Traditionen von ihrer besten Seite zu erleben.

Fileas Art Hotel in Chania lebt bis zu seinem Descrption

Fileas Art Hotel , der neue Zusatz von Aria Hotels (, ist in der Altstadt von Chania und wirklich lebt bis zu seinem Namen, Kombination von Kunst, Bautradition und dieervorragende Qualität in Service und Unterkunft.
ist einzigartige Boutique-Hotel befindet sich in einem dreistöckigen traditionellen Gebäude auf Protou Frangiskou Straße untergebracht. Es ist komplett ausgestattet mit allem Komfort und die freundlichen Personal Garantie bieten renoviert , dass die Gäste die traditionelle Gastfreundschaft, die Kreta und Kreter sind berühmt genießen.
Das Hotel verfügt über sechs moderne Doppelzimmer mit spezieller Dekoration und Kunstwerken
s, die mit allen modernen Annehmlichkeiten, Garantie einen komfortablen und angenehmen Aufenthalt in der historischen Stadt.
Fileas Art Hotel liegt nur wenige Minuten entfernt von der Altstadt
Hafen von Chania und ist daher ideal für die Erkundung der Stadt Sehenswürdigkeiten geeignet, Denkmäler und Hot Spots.
Außerdem, die alte Hafen Lage bietet viel Unterhaltung und Gastronomie-Optionen, einschließlich der Alcanea Café & Weinbar, befindet sich im Erdgeschoss
Aria Schwester Eigenschaft, die Alcanea Boutique Hotel.
Fileas Art Hotel (
Email: [email protected]) ist das siebte Eigentumf Aria Hotels in Kreta. Das Unternehmen hat mehrere Hotels und Villen, alle in außergewöhnlichen Destinationen: Athen, Kreta, Cyclades, Epirus und Peloponnes, alle ausgewählt für die anspruchsvoll Reisenden appellieren für ein streng gehütetes Geheimnis in Griechenland suchen.

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Was in Rethymno zu tun, auf der griechischen Insel Kreta

A view of the old town of Rethymno (CC0 Creative Commons).

Although it is the third largest town on the island, Rethymno still keeps a provincial flair rather distant from the larger towns of Heraklion and Chania. Rethymno is one of the best places one can see much of Crete’s history.

This popular city is located on the north coast of Crete, and the whole area combines unique features that attract visitors every year. An enchanting old town, beautiful sandy beaches and an inner land with an immense cultural value are some of the less traditional things to do in Rethymno.

Visit the Old Venetian Town

The old town of Rethymno is located halfway between the capital of the island, Heraklion, and the city of Chania, making it a must stop for those traveling around Crete. It is a visitor’s favorite since it is fairly easy to walk around and it can be seen in a relatively short amount of time. When in Rethymno, it is a good idea to start by walking along the quaint Venetian port. Hierher, it is possible to sit in one of the many bars along this old marina and enjoy the view of the beautiful lighthouse.

The harbor and lighthouse of Rethymno (CC0 Creative Commons).

After a while, walk down the alleys of the Venetian town to discover much of its remaining Turkish architecture, ebenso. It is a good idea to visit some of the local artisans and shops too. Stunning Venetian palazzi converted into boutique hotels welcome you in blossomed gardens for an afternoon break or maybe a spa getaway.

The Mosque inside the Fortress (CC0 Creative Commons).

Schließlich, pay a visit to the Venetian Fortress, locally known as Fortezza, with the impressive Mosque of Sultan Ibrahim and the guard towers in the corners facing the sea.

A Wine Region not to be Missed

Wine tasting in the local winery Klados (Courtesy The Tiny Book).

Home to one of the indigenous stars among Cretan whites — the Vidiano variety. Contrary to popular belief, Rethymno is home to only a few wineries.

Nicht weit von der Stadt, Klados is a small family winery happy to welcome all those wine lovers interested in their limited range of labels. The approach to wine production is that of a boutique winery, which is really paying off in the wines produced.

Explore the Monasteries

Arkadi Monastery (CC0 Creative Commons).

There is more than one interesting monastery to see in Rethymno. The impressive Arkadi Monastery, with its rich history, welcomes hundreds of tourists every day interested in taking a look at its unique Baroque architecture. The history of Arkadi goes hand in hand with the history of the island as well as all its battles for independence.

The Prefecture of Rethymno also hosts the magnificent Moni Preveli, a monastery located on the southern coast of the island, near a palm tree forest and a unique landscape made of a river flowing into the sea.

Beaches of Rethymno

They might not be as spectacular as the beaches located in other areas of Crete, but still, some of the most popular and beloved beaches of the island are on the coast of Rethymno.

Seaside resorts (CC0 Creative Commons).

Some of the ones worth visiting are Bali und Panormo on the north coast, as well as the beach in Preveli, Triopetra, and Agia Galini im Süden.

Preveli beach
Preveli beach.

Villages of Tradition

There are several villages to visit in the region of Rethymno. Anogia is one of them and is considered by many to be one of the most attractive mountainous villages of Crete.

Anogia is about 750 meters on Mount Psiloritis, in a quiet, secluded location which has allowed the village to maintain a strong authentic character as well as traditional costumes and its old Cretan dialect.

The relaxed atmosphere of Anogia.

The village of Anogia was burned by the Ottomans during the Turkish occupation, while in 1944, the occupying German forces destroyed buildings and killed local men as a payback for the local resistance kidnapping of a German general.

The village is known for the woven and embroidered pieces with designs unique in the village.

Another village in the area; the small hamlet of Margarites, is easy to walk around in. This colorful little town is home to several traditional ceramic studios and workshops — pottery being the most characteristic feature of the place.

The roads of Margarites (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The Tiny Buch).

All kinds of vases, pots and ceramic objects populate the streets going up and down, following the irregular shape of the territory. Artisans are always interested in engaging in talks with visitors and even eager to teach you the basics of their skills.

In the main square of Margarites, in front of the Municipal Library, a big home-style taverna with a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and valleys, serves quality comfort food in a very friendly atmosphere.

The Archaeological Site of Eleutherna

The Archaeological site of Eleutherna, in Rethymno (Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von The Tiny Buch).

The archaeological site of Eleutherna and its state-of-the-art museum, are two places that should not be missed. They are no more than 25 km from the town and offer a spectacular window to the past of the island. Eleutherna, also known as Apollonia, was an ancient city-state with a very rich history.

Different archaeological findings have thrown light onto unique settlement patterns, sanctuaries, and necropolis.

The nearby Museum of Ancient Eleutherna is not big and rather easy to explore. Interesting exhibits and collections of artifacts put on display the history of the archaeological site. The museum also portrays interactive films and explanations that make the visit utterly didactic.

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Griechenland wird zu einem Magneten für gut situierte arabische Touristen

Greece is becoming a magnet for well-off tourists from the Middle East as more regular and charter flights connect Athens and the Greek islands with Arab capitals.

According to a report in, the Middle East is the fastest growing market for Greek tourism.

A significant proportion of guests in the five star hotels of Athens and other cosmopolitan destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini, come from that region.

Top luxury hotel executives in the Syntagma Square area, say that the tourism boom is down to American and Arab customers.

Gleichzeitig, data show that Middle Eastern airlines are constantly increasing their available seats on the Greek routes, while charter flights from the countries of the region have grown steadily in 2017.

Beispielsweise, in 2016, visitors from Lebanon recorded an increase of 30% im Vergleich zu 2015, while the upward dynamic was maintained in 2017.

The rapid rise of the Lebanese market is also reflected in the strengthening of air links between Greece and Lebanon.

Starting in the summer of 2018, Aegean airlines will add Mykonos and Herakleion to its destinations from Beirut. Middle East airline is also launching flights to Greece.

The Lebanese love Greek beaches, according a tourist executive interviewed by This is evidenced by the fact that last summer 16 charter flights every week were taking place from Beirut to the South Aegean and Crete, , fügt er hinzu.

In Saudi Arabia there is a doubling of requests for tourist visas for travel to Greece.

Gleichzeitig, the Saudia airline is in an advanced stage of negotiations with the Greek airport authorities to launch direct flights between Riyadh and the Greek capital.

The two countries are already connected by the Aegean flights and since November 2017 by the new Greek airline Air Mediterranean.

In 2018 Greek Tourism Workshops will be held in five Middle East countries, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, aimed at capturing the interest of high-income travelers.

In workshops that will bring together travel agents, hotel representatives and other officials of the tourism industry will be held in India (Delhi, 22/1), Kuwait (21/2), Saudi-Arabien (Riyadh, 21/3), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, 21/4) and Lebanon (Beirut, 2/5).

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„The Walking Dead“ Kunstausstellung in Athen stattfinden

Despite having been criminally ignored in a series of award seasons in the US, “The Walking Dead” is by far the most popular TV show of the last decade, in der Welt.

Already in its eighth season, the provocative show, which is often raising existential questions in a post-apocalyptic world roamed by zombies, has thousands of die-hard fans in Greece too.

Apart from leading tens of fans into impromptu “zombie-inspired” parades through the streets of Athens, The Walking Dead is now organising an art show, inviting new artists to submit their creations based on the show.

FOX, the TV network producing the series, invites artists from all over Greece to participate in “The Walking Dead ART". Inspired by the series-phenomenon, artists will create and submit their own The Walking Dead artwork.

Through an evaluation process, 30 artists will be selected to create their own unique works of interdisciplinary art, which will be exhibited in a public open exhibition that will travel us even deeper into the world of The Walking Dead.

During the March 2018 exhibition at the Athens Conservatoire, the audience will have the opportunity to see The Walking Dead artworks take part in the parallel actions taking place in the exhibition space, and also vote for its favorite artwork.

The exhibition takes place under the auspices of the municipality of Athens, supported by the Athens Culture Net, which operates with founding donor the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

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