Lakes in place of οld mines in Evia create magnificent Alpine landscape (PHOTOS)


A former mining complex in Mantoudi, in Northern Evia, has turned into a magnificent alpine landscape as 12 natural lakes have been created from the mining craters.

Mantoudi, only two hours away from Athens, is like a miracle of natural transformation. Most of the lakes have a depth of about 80 meters.


The underground waters that came to the surface created a hospitable ecosystem. Wild reeds, oleanders, pines and plane trees make up the landscape. There are many amphibian reptiles, birds, turtles, and fish that were thrown to the lakes by locals.

The lakes have developed in two areas: the first one is in Paraskevorema, between Prokopi and Mantoudi and the second on the slopes of the neighboring mountain range Kantili, between the villages of Dafnona, Kakavos, Spathari and Kalyvia.

The municipal authority of the municipality of Limni Mandoudi-Agia Anna claims the exploitation of the lakes in the framework of educational tourism programs.


As the mayor of Limni Christos Kaliviotis told the Athens Macedonia News Agency, the exploitation of these lakes can be included in the wider program for the creation of the Geopark of Northern Evia.

In the first phase, some basic infrastructure (benches, tables, pavilions, etc.) will be put in place, so the area can become a recreation attraction in Northern Evia for the whole year, and not just in the summer months.

In Paraskevorema there is also a living monument of nature, the Great Platanos (or Geroplatanos) of Evia.


Next to the River Keira sits the oldest, perhaps, plane tree of the Balkans, as its age is estimated from 1,500 to 2,000 years.

In 1972, its trunk had a perimeter of 18 meters, a diameter of 6 meters, the height of the tree was 30 meters, and the extent of its shadow was 2.5 acres.

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Tourism revenue in the first 10 months of 2017 reached 14,16 billion Euros


“>2017 according to the daa of the first 10 months. The figures show a “>a little below 1,2 billion, confirming the estimates “>the January – October 2017 interval stood at 14,16 billion Euros, number had reached 12,8 billion. C “>the numbers of the ten-month period are h “> revenue from tourism had “>of the Bank of Greece’s tourist revenues increased by 14,2% to 1,17 billion Euros “>2015.

“>resident travelers at a rate of 8,4% individually for October compared “>an increase in arrivals ranged to the two-digit rate of 10,1%.

“>Mr. Yannis Stournaras, also mentioned the positive course of tourism o “>pointing out that “the positive development of tourism in 2017 is expected to
“>mainly in the air transport market, are expanding its capabilities”.

“>the contribution of the industry to the decline in youth unemployment “due to the “>positions related to tourism services and trade” at the same time business, are positive”.

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Greece Becomes a Magnet for Well-Off Arab Tourists

Greece is becoming a magnet for well-off tourists from the Middle East as more regular and charter flights connect Athens and the Greek islands with Arab capitals.

According to a report in, the Middle East is the fastest growing market for Greek tourism.

A significant proportion of guests in the five star hotels of Athens and other cosmopolitan destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini, come from that region.

Top luxury hotel executives in the Syntagma Square area, say that the tourism boom is down to American and Arab customers.

At the same time, data show that Middle Eastern airlines are constantly increasing their available seats on the Greek routes, while charter flights from the countries of the region have grown steadily in 2017.

For example, in 2016, visitors from Lebanon recorded an increase of 30% compared to 2015, while the upward dynamic was maintained in 2017.

The rapid rise of the Lebanese market is also reflected in the strengthening of air links between Greece and Lebanon.

Starting in the summer of 2018, Aegean airlines will add Mykonos and Herakleion to its destinations from Beirut. Middle East airline is also launching flights to Greece.

The Lebanese love Greek beaches, according a tourist executive interviewed by This is evidenced by the fact that last summer 16 charter flights every week were taking place from Beirut to the South Aegean and Crete, he adds.

In Saudi Arabia there is a doubling of requests for tourist visas for travel to Greece.

At the same time, the Saudia airline is in an advanced stage of negotiations with the Greek airport authorities to launch direct flights between Riyadh and the Greek capital.

The two countries are already connected by the Aegean flights and since November 2017 by the new Greek airline Air Mediterranean.

In 2018 Greek Tourism Workshops will be held in five Middle East countries, under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, aimed at capturing the interest of high-income travelers.

In workshops that will bring together travel agents, hotel representatives and other officials of the tourism industry will be held in India (Delhi, 22/1), Kuwait (21/2), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, 21/3), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, 21/4) and Lebanon (Beirut, 2/5).

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Ανασκόπηση των κυριότερων γεγονότων του 2017 στην Ελληνοαμερικανική Κοινότητα


Photos: GANP/Dimitrios Panagos


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