New Cabinet Convenes in Greece

The shake-up, announced late Monday, put Evangelos Venizelos, the leader of the Socialist Party, in the dual role of deputy prime minister and foreign minister, while Yannis Stournaras was kept as finance minister.

On Friday, the junior coalition partner, Democratic Left, quit in protest over Mr. Samaras’s unilateral decision to close the state broadcaster, ERT. That narrowed the government’s majority in the 300-seat Parliament to three.

Among the new ministers sworn in during a ceremony conducted by Archbishop Ieronymos II, leader of the Greek Orthodox Church, on Tuesday were Pantelis Kapsis, a former government spokesman and newspaper editor, who will try to overhaul the state broadcaster, and Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a conservative lawmaker, who will be in charge of administrative changes. Mr. Mitsotakis will also face the difficult task of pushing through Civil Service layoffs as demanded by Greece’s troika of international creditors, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

In a speech to his new cabinet, shown live on private television channels because the state broadcaster’s signal remained down, Mr. Samaras said the new government’s priority was to complete negotiations for the next installment of financing before the troika inspectors return to Athens on Saturday. “This government hasn’t a minute to lose,” he said, adding that minor differences in the coalition must be overcome, as the “paramount ideology is the country’s redemption.”