Incredible $499 Week Long Travel Package!

Vacation season is getting ready to wrap up. Families are preparing for autumn, focusing on more family oriented activities. Kids are ready to go back to school (even if they are unhappy about it!) In fact, I spent the last week sitting next to the bay, drinking coffee, working and relaxing as much as possible on my vacation. Until, of course, we were evacuated on Friday due to the hurricane, which was preceded by an EARTHQUAKE (Only my vacations, folks)! Fortunately, all of our friends and families are safe and we got out of there with time to spare. But ending a relaxing vacation by being evacuated, then having to batten down the hatches for what was supposed to be the storm of the century (pardon the terrible joke, but Irene was more of a HurriCAN’T!).

As fall closes in on us, travel doesn’t cease. This season begins traveling to visit families, kicking off the holidays with our loved ones. Maybe even planning for next summer! Yet, as usual – money is tight. Especially when beginning to think of the holidays! So, in order to aide you in spending time with your families, we are working with World Resorts International to offer this incredible package. For $499, you can purchase a certificate that will allow you to visit over 500 locations across the US, Canada and Mexico for a FULL week.

$499 Seven-Night Resort Stay from World Resorts International™ (Up to $1500 Value). Choose From Over 500 Locations!

Vacation. Holiday. Escape. Everyone refers to it differently, but the one universal theme is that everyone needs one!

For only $499, you may book a 7-night resort stay through World Resorts International, at any one of their 500-plus US, Canadian or Mexican resort destinations. Available inventory varies and is updated regularly. Though an average seven-night stay at a WRI vacation rental falls in the $1500 range, this Voucher may be redeemed for a stay at any available participating property in the United States, Canada, or Mexico without any additional charge (participating resorts located in Hawaii and Mexico are subject to additional local/state taxes). Voucher buyers do not need to purchase a WRI membership and will not hear any sales pitches about timeshare rentals. Available resort Inventory may be viewed here:


  • Hundreds of participating resorts.
  • Choose from resorts in the U.S. (including Hawaii), Mexico Canada.
  • Plan a memorable vacation for nearly 75% off standard rack rates.

Redemption Instructions:


**PLEASE REVIEW the following FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding this 7-Night Resort Stay Voucher.**

Q. How can I see what resorts are participating in this promotion?
A. Please visit for a listing of available resorts to book within the next 60 days.

Q. Why is there only a “partial” listing of participating / available resorts?
A. Because resort availability will fluctuate naturally. As time progresses, resorts will both remove availability (as rooms are booked) and add additional availability (as rooms become available to book). You will only be able to view available inventory that is within 60 days of the date which you are visiting the inventory link. There is AMPLE inventory provided for future dates, but only resorts with inventory within the current 60 day window will be visible.

Q. How can I find the other participating resorts / availability that I may book from?
A. After you purchase this voucher, you will be provided with the contact info of our Personal Travel Concierge Services Team, who will be happy to provide you with any additional inventory that is available at that specific time.

Q. If I buy the voucher now, can I travel 1.5 years later?
A. You have up to 1 year (from date of purchase of this voucher) to “book” your reservation. Once you book a reservation, your travel must be completed within a 60 day window of your reservation date. For example, you may buy the voucher today but not want to travel until the end of next March. Therefore, you will need to reserve/book your vacation within a 60 day window of your desired travel dates, at the end of next March.

Q. If I see a resort that I like now, will it be available in the future when I want to book my travel?
A. Unfortunately, due to the promotional nature of this offer and the nature of the booking process, there is no way for WRI to guarantee availability at any of the participating resorts at any given time. Keep in mind, that inventory will fluctuate naturally, as rooms are booked and additional rooms are made available as time progresses.

Q. Can I split up the 7 days and do 4 nights at one resort and 3 nights at another resort?
A. Your 7-Night Resort Stay voucher may only be booked for seven nights consecutively. If you need to check out early, there should be no penalty for doing so, but you may not break up the seven nights at different resorts.

Q. If the room/resort I want to book says “1 bedroom / 4 people,” does each person have to pay $499?
A. This 7-Night Resort Stay Voucher is for a flat fee, not per person fee. You will only be charged a flat fee of $499, not per person fee, as long as your number of people in your party does not exceed the room occupancy stipulated by the resort you book. If you book a room that has a greater room occupancy than the number of people traveling in your party, you will not be charged extra for the difference. For example, if you are traveling as a party of 4 and book a room that stipulates a room occupancy of 6, you will not be charged extra.

Q. Are meals and airfare included in this price?
A. The $499 fee is for the reservation of the room only, which is being offered to you at nearly 75% off the regular retail price. Generally, the resort taxes, fees and gratuities are already included in the $499 fee (with the exception of energy and city ordinance taxes for resorts in Hawaii and Mexico, but they are nominal, approximately $5.00-$7.00/night).

Q. Can I book from a resort that’s shown on your website?
A. By purchasing this 7-Night Resort Stay voucher, you will only be able to book from the following link that shows the current availability from our participating resorts: The inventory shown on our website is accessible to book by our subscribing WRI Members only.

Q. Can I use this voucher toward one of your cruises?
A. This is a “Resort Stay” voucher and may only be used at one our participating resorts listed at:

Q. Do I have to sit through a long sales presentation if I buy this voucher?
A. Absolutely not!

Q. Do I have to buy a WRI “Privileges” Membership if I buy this Voucher?
A. Absolutely not! The premise behind this special offer is to provide our friends in the BuyBuyEscapes community with a “small sampling” of the exclusive travel “privileges” that our WRI members benefit from on a daily basis.

Q. Once I’ve bought this voucher, how do I book my vacation?
A. Upon completion of your purchase, it takes up to 48 hours to reconcile your transaction and forward your info to WRI. BuyBuyEscapes will then provide you a link to follow that includes instructions for redeeming your 7-Night Resort Stay voucher.

Q. What can we expect our room to be like?
A. Our resort rooms are typically “condominium-style,” which is great for families. This means each unit usually has a separate bedroom with a living area (unless the room is described as a “studio”), most with pull-out sofa beds, a dining area, and often the rooms/suites have full kitchens. Some of our resorts even have a washer and dryer in each unit! When previewing the available inventory on our link (, please click on each resort for a full list of the resort features and unit features.

WRI offers our members access to unpublished, wholesale rates to more than 5,000 private resorts around the globe, in addition to discounts on hotel stays (with a “Lowest Price Guarantee”), airfare, car rentals, cruises and all-inclusive stay packages. We have a very special incentive with significant savings on our “Privileges Membership” for BuyBuyEscapes buyers. If you’d like more info about our membership, please email: [email protected]

“Thank you, WRI! Your website made booking our second honeymoon quick and easy. We enjoyed an unforgettable week in Greece and will be sending you photos soon!” – Nathan Holly S., Lake Forest, CA

“My wife and I would like to extend our thanks to World Resorts International for giving us an amazing vacation experience. We brought our kids to Mexico with us, and used our guest pass so my best friend and his family could come along as well. Your concierge specialists helped us arrange all the daytime activities for our children, golfing for my buddy and me, and a spa day for our wives. We look forward to many more fun and relaxing vacations to come!” – Ryan Tera S., Huntington Beach, CA.


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