Solo on the road…

So, what gives?

The idea for these ladies seems to be to ‘get out and travel when you want’! While 27-year-old actor Ira Dubey’s waiting to jet set off on a November-December Greece getaway with her pals, actor and single girl Shahana Goswami recently went to live la vida loca in Spain! “The place is known for its good-looking men, tantalising food and breathtaking landscape…I loved my getaway,” she says.

Sumitra Senapaty, who presents the concept of single girl travelling with her club WOW (Women On Wanderlust), says more women are finding it increasingly convenient to travel this way. Since the inception of her travel club, she’s brought together at least 10,000 women. “The requests to see more places just keep growing,” she declares.

Globe-trotting safari

If the destinations are hot, the itineraries are hotter and planners like Senapaty make sure the ladies have a blast minus their families and better halves. Advertising professional Rishika Kumar, 30, wanted to bask by the piazzas in Italy. “I was a history student too, so I wanted to visit and last December, I did so alone. Maybe I’ll do Greece this year,” she muses.

The list of to-dos is a versatile one, so planners like Shah actually build cooking and wine-tasting sessions into women travel trips. Consultant Komal Lath reveals how her recent travel agenda was “insane”. She says, “My school friend and I planned a girl trip because we find backpacking fun and needed time to explore on our own. We took off to France, Monaco and Italy and just enjoyed things on our time. I’d like to go do this again.”

Top 5 women-friendly destinations

– Vancouver


– Hanoi


– Austin

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