I membri del Congresso degli Stati Uniti esortano Tillerson a prendere posizione forte sulle minacce turche contro Cipro ZEE

FILE PHOTO - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks on issues related to visas and travel after U.S. President Donald Trump signed a new travel ban order in Washington, US, Marzo 6, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

Thirty-six members of the US House of Representatives encouraged US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to continue the active engagement by the State Department in the Eastern Mediterranean, including against Turkish threats concerning the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

In una lettera, the Representatives urged Tillerson to maintain a strong stance against rhetoric and provocations that threaten the spirit of cooperation and progress that has emerged in the region in recent years.
Nel luglio 13 energy giant Total is scheduled to begin exploratory drilling off Cyprus.

“We are writing to encourage continued active engagement by the State Department in the Eastern Mediterranean, and in particular to urge a strong stance against rhetoric and provocations that threaten the spirit of cooperation and progress that has emerged in the region in recent years,” the letter said.

“The burgeoning ties between Cyprus, Greece and Israel should be of particular importance to the United States. Beyond sharing democratic values, the three countries are increasingly collaborating in energy, counterterrorism, and tourism — fields that can contribute to European energy independence, promote economic stability in southern Europe and the Middle East, and help counter regional extremism and terrorism,” they added.

Israel’s partnerships with Greece and Cyprus, ha detto, ensure the security of Israel’s Mediterranean border. “Israel’s strategic depth has always been a challenge, even more so now while the region is experiencing deteriorating security. Greece and Cyprus allow the Israeli Air Force to conduct exercises over their territory. The three countries exchange intelligence and have conducted search and rescue missions together. Greece and Cyprus are only the second and third countries, after the US, with which Israel has signed a ‘status of forces agreement.’”.

Futhermore, they note that cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean has the power to create partnerships where there was once conflict.

“Energy collaboration has facilitated and furthered important regional conversations. Consistent high-level contacts and trilateral summits involve other regional stakeholders including the EU, Italia, Egypt and Lebanon, providing opportunities for diplomatic engagement between these nations — engagement that otherwise might not occur,"Ha detto.

“Further, these new energy sources promise to allow key US allies and partners to decrease their energy dependence on suppliers like Russia and Iran”.

It is vital, hanno detto, “that the State Department continue active engagement in the region — not just for the benefit of the US and Israel — but because the cooperation facilitated by natural gas finds is not without challenges. Turchia, which stands to benefit greatly from energy exploration, repeatedly violates Greece’s air and sea territory and has issued numerous threats against the continued exploration in and exploitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus. Cyprus’ EEZ is safeguarded under international law and has been consistently supported by the United States government. There is also a long-standing dispute over which nation controls a maritime area off the coast of the Israel-Lebanon border”.

“With so much progress and potential at stake, we urge you to publicly reaffirm the commitment of the United States to support energy exploration and exploitation in the Eastern Mediterranean in a manner consistent with long-standing US policy. Ulteriore, we look forward to the ongoing engagement of the State Department in facilitating and supporting diplomatic, military and economic cooperation among allies in the region,” they concluded.

This letter is the latest product of the partnership between the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC). HALC and AJC worked with the Congressional Hellenic Israel Alliance (CHIA) caucus and its two chairmen – Gus Bilirakis and Ted Deutch – launched the letter in time for the back to back conferences of the AJC and PSEKA.


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The Guardian: Grecia per ricevere 30 milioni di turisti!


Greece is expected to receive almost 10 times its population in holidaymakers for 2017, according to Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura, who addressed the Panhellenic Exporters’ Association last week. British media outlet “The Guardian” focused on the boom in tourism, which is the debt-stricken country’s life jacket in the years of the economic crisis.

From the Guardian:

Autore: Helena Smith, twitter: @HelenaSmithGDN

Up high, above the hills of Arcadia, historic Dimitsana is on a roll. Its hotels are brimming, its cafes are full, and its footpaths and monasteries lure busloads of tourists decanted daily from other parts of the Peloponnese.
Either side of the main road that splits the mountain village – in a world far removed from talk of emergency bailout funds, international stewardship and gruelling austerity – Greeks are hard at work, running boutique guesthouses, eateries and bars in the stone mansions that line Dimitsana’s cobbled streets.
“Business is very good,” says Labis Baxevanos, the village’s deputy mayor, who owns a patisserie along the strip. “So good that a lot of younger couples have come to work here since the country’s economic crisis began.”
Debt-stricken Greece is braced for a record-breaking 30m holidaymakers this year, almost three times its population. Addressing the Panhellenic Exporters Association last week, the tourism minister Elena Kountoura said that between January and May there had been a noticeable increase in arrivals, revenues and occupancy rates with summer bookings in some areas rising by as much as 70%. Travel receipts grew by 2.4% or €23m (£20m).
After eight years of grinding austerity, the influx is a tangible gift, on a par with the €8.5bn financial lifeline thrown Greece earlier this month to once again avert default.
Dimitsana – once famous for the gunpowder mills that produced the firepower in the nation’s 1821 war of independence against Ottoman rule – is emblematic of the entrepreneurial spirit taking root as a result of the boom. “Tourism is our lifejacket,” says Theonimfi Koraki, who opened a boutique hotel in the village last summer. “The aim now is diversity and drawing out the season all year round. Here in Arcadia the creation of the 75km-long Menalon [camminare] trail has been hugely successful for example with foreign tourists. It has greatly helped the development of the region.”
With the exception of shipping, tourism is Greece’s biggest foreign earner, the mainstay of an economy that has otherwise contracted by 27% since late 2009 when the country’s debt crisis began.
The industry accounted for eight out of 10 new jobs in 2016, vital for a nation hit by crippling levels of unemployment. Bank of Greece figures show around 23.5 milioni di turisti hanno visitato in 2015, generating €14.2bn of revenues, oppure 24% del prodotto interno lordo. L'anno scorso, the country’s tourism confederation, SEVEN, announced arrivals of 27.5 milioni di euro, an all-time high.

more at: theguardian.com

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Astypalaia: Una farfalla in mezzo al Mar Egeo


Located exactly where the Dodecanese meet the Cyclades, the island of Astypalaia boasts a centuries-old history, whitewashed villages and sun-drenched beaches. Embark on a fascinating trip where the deep blue of the sea meets the bright white colours of beautiful island houses…

Astypalaia, the westernmost island of the Group, is naturally separated into Mesa Nisi [the inner island] (western part) e Exo Nisi [the outer island] (eastern part) by a thin strip of land less than 100 m. wide.

The island was named after Astypalaia, the daughter of Phoenix and Perimede. In the old days the island was also called Ichthyoessa due to its abundant fishing grounds. It was first inhabited in prehistoric times. In 1204 it came under the Venetian rule enforced by the Guerini family until 1537 with the exception of a brief period in time (1269-1310) when the Byzantine Empire took over again. In 1537 the Turks occupied the island. As is the case with the other Dodecanese islands, Astypalaia remained under Turkish rule until 1912; it was then conquered by the Italians, gli inglesi, and the Germans until it was finally integrated in Greece in 1948. There are ferries to Piraeus and Kalymnos and flights to Athens and Rhodes Airports.


1. Chora
is the island’s capital town and port. It is one of the most picturesque towns in the Aegean, perched on a rock that advances into the sea, forming two bays. On the top, you will see Chora’s castle towering over the town with the strikingly white domes of Evangelistria and Agios Georgios churches, visible over the walls. Around the castle lie Chora’s houses with whitewashed walls, blue doors and windows, and wooden balcony rails.

Town promenade

  • To the Venetian Guerini Castle (13th c). The small three-storey houses built in the castle’s outer grounds are of particular architectural interest since the outer walls of the houses form the castle wall and narrow windows were used as battlements. Within the castle there are two churches, painted in a pure white colour, with elaborate stone belfries: Panagia Evangelistria (1853), inside which you will see the founders’ inscription dated 1413 and the Guerini coats of arms; e Agios Georgios.
  • To the 18th-century Panagia Portaitissa church below the castle, one of the most beautiful churches in the Dodecanese with a woodcarved, gilded iconostasis. Right next to it there is an interesting Ecclesiastical Museum.
  • To Narkisseios Municipal Library, also housing the island’s archeological collection.
  • To the Archeological Museum in Pera Gialos where finds from the island are on display. Most of them date back to the prehistoric times when Astypalaia had prospered.
  • To the eight windmills located over Skala, at Chora. They belong to the xetrocharis category, a horizontal axis type with the roof turning according to the wind direction.
  • To Kylintra, bordering Chora on the south side. It is the site where a burial ground for infants was excavated – the only one known to have existed in the whole world. This place was considered as sacred ground since the Geometric Period and up to the Hellenistic times.
  • To Megali Panagia. Its courtyard features a remarkable pebbled floor.
  • To Panagia Flevariotissa, 6 km NW of Chora. Part of the church is built inside a cave. It has an interesting woodcarved iconostasis.
  • To the Monastery of Agios Ioannis o Makrys (12 km W). It is built in an impressive landscape between two forbidding slopes, overlooking the open sea and offering a spectacular sunset view.
  • To the castle of Ai-Giannis, opposite the monastery by the same name.


Trips around Astypalaia

West (Inner Island)

2. Livadia
Livadia is a seaside village with few residents, built in a fertile valley. There are citrus fruit groves, vineyards and houses overflowing with flowers, creating a delightful setting next to a lovely beach. Distance from Chora: 2 km SW.

Must see

  • Negros cave, at Vatses (6 km SW). Access it by boat from Chora, or follow an organised tour.
  • Agios Vasileios hill and the ruins of an early-Christian basilica.

East (Outer Island)

3. Maltezana (Analipsi)
Maltezana is a seaside resort that attracts most of the island’s tourism. It has been named after the Maltese pirates who made their hideout on the island. This is where the French Admiral Bigot set his ship on fire in 1827 so that it may not be captured by the pirates. Distance from Chora: 9 km NE.

Must see

  • Talaras Baths and their Hellenistic period mosaics that are unique in the Hellenic world coloured in light blue and brick shades as well as an interesting composition that depicts the four seasons and the symbols of the zodiac.
  • The monument of the French Admiral Bigot who led the struggle against the pirates in the early 19th century.
  • The ruins of an early-Christian basilica (5th c.) with remarkable mosaics. Agia Varvara chapel was built over those ruins using the existing Ionian capitals as building material.
  • Analipsi church, the village’s oldest one.


4. Vathy

Vathy looks more like a lagoon due to its protected inlet (having an opening of about 50 m.). It comprises two small communities: Exo [outer] Vathy at the inlet entrance with a small wharf for mooring boats; and Mesa [inner] Vathy in the nook of the cove next to cropland, sparse tree vegetation and vineyards. Distance from Chora: 21 km NE.

Must see

  • Chameni Limni [lost lake], a lagoon in the NE side of Astypalaia.
  • The ruins of a Minoan settlement and tower situated at the entrance to the cove.
  • Drakos cave, where you will see impressive stalagmite and stalactite formations. Access the cave by boat or on foot
  • Panagia Poulariani church, on the way to Vathy. It is built on a rock formation which looks like the Virgin Mary holding the Baby Jesus.

Nearby islands

From Maltezana cove take an excursion boat and visit Diaporia, Ligno, Chondro, Kounoupoi and Koutsomyri islands (SE) as well as Agia Kyriaki island and its beautiful beach (S). Farther away, to the NE of Astypalaia, visit Fokionisia; then Panormos and Katsagreli to the NW; Pontikousa and Ofidousa to the E; and finally Syrna, Katsikoulia, Tria Nisia, Meso, Stefania, and Zafora isles to the SE.



  • Panagia [Virgin Mary] Flevariotissa feast, the winter reunion event for Astypalaians on February 1st.
  • The island’s biggest celebration takes place at Panagia Portaitissa church on Panagia’s feast (August 15th) and lasts for three days (August 14th-16th). On August 16th, the municipal authority and the Cultural Organisation arrange special sports contests called “Koukania”.
  • Religious procession taking place in Chora, on September 4th with the icon of Panagia Portaitissa as well as the holy relics of Osios Antimos placed at the head.
  • Agios Panteleimon feast on July 27th; and Sotiras Christos feast (Christ Saviour) on August 6th.
  • Astypalaia Festival, involving many concerts, from June to October.
  • Panagia Poulariani feast on September 8th.
  • Panagia tou Thoma feast, at Vathy, on September 8th.


  • Swimming at the beaches: Agios Konstantinos, Vatses, Plakes, Kaminakia, Agios Giannis, Panormos, Pachia Ammos, Pera Gialos and Livadia.
  • Boat excursions for swimming in secluded beaches in the nearby Koutsomyti and Syrna isles.
  • Caving.
  • Climbing to “Ftera” terrain that involves 20 climbing routes.
  • Mountaineering.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Hiking.
  • Spear fishing.
  • Scuba diving.
  • Camping at Chora.


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produzioni televisive straniere in Grecia per promuovere il turismo greco


A series of productions from Russia, Francia, Belgium have started filming in Greece and continue all the way until the end of May, with the support of the National Tourist Organization of Greece (EOT), in accordance with its strategic communication planning. The plan is to promote Greece and especially the lesser known, but still beautiful places of the country, as a 365 days destination.

Più specificamente:

un) The “Live-Planet” from Russia will promote the Ionian islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakinthos.

b) The Belgium “BBDM” (Belges du Bout du Monde) on behalf of the RTBF will visit Athens, Agistri, Tyros, Leonidio, Monemvasia and Nafplio.

In the meantime in April there is filming going on in:

- Atene, Euboea, Peloponneso, Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki by Russia24.

- Athens by the “Silence, ça pousse!” of France 5, to present the city break tourism of the capital of Greece.

These activities were encouraged and promoted by EOT in order to improve the contact of the tourist agencies with what the Greek tourist product can offer and to promote specific characteristics of those lesser known places.

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iniziative greci per promuovere il turismo della salute e gli investimenti dal Canada & Stati Uniti


The Department of Medical Tourism of the Institute of Scientific Research of the Panhellenic Medical Association has started a series of coordinated efforts to promote health tourism abroad.
The aim is to strengthen Greece’s role in the global health tourism market which amounts to 40 billion dollars.

For that reason, a conference will be held on March 28-29 in Montreal with the participation of prominent members of the scientific and business community of Greece and the Greek community in Canada.

The event is co-organized by the Athens Medical Association, the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and the Greek Community of Montreal, che conta circa 80,000 Greci.

The areas of IVF, ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, have great potential with multiple benefits for the economy.

Anche, the head of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens (EVEA) and the Hellenic Union of Chambers, Konstantinos Michalos, invited Greek-American businesspeople to invest in Greece in this crucial time for the country, during his visit to New York and Washington to participate in the official White House celebrations for Greek Independence Day.

Michalos told Greek-Americans Greece offers great investments opportunities in sectors such as tourism, energia, industria, alimento, education and health and noted the reforms which have started to be implemented which, if continued and completed, will greatly facilitate business activity.

Fonte: ANA-MPA

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Taleb Rifai in Newmoney.gr: "Si dovrebbe promuovere la storia di successo del turismo greco"


The Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is in Greece since last Tuesday as he accepted the invitation of the Greek Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura. After meeting the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Sig.. Rifai spoke at the workshop organized by the Ministry of Tourism under the title “Destination Greece – 365 days”.

“Greece is a succes story in tourism during the last 2-3 anni, especially if we consider the special conditions and challenges the country had to face on all levels”, he stated to newmoney.gr.

Mr Rifai added that for an outside observer, with the geopolitical conditions in the wider region, the economic crisis and the refugee issue, he would expect Greece to go from bad to worse. Instead of that, there was an increase of arrivals on a percentage higher than the world average.

Per il signor. Rifai what happened was a miracle as ther ewas the necessary political will as well as the positive impression around the world that Greece is a place where human rights are respected and regardless of the country’s problems. The Greeks turned the problem into an advantage for the tourism image of the country by projecting the Greek hospitality.

Sig.. Rifai underlined the fact that there is no competition in the area when it comes to tourism, as the more people come to the Mediterranean, the more will come to Greece eventually. For the Secretary-General, the greatest asset for Greece is its people, as they make the visitors feel welcome.

The negative aspect of the country for Mr. Rifai is the low confidence Greece has demonstrated, as it should make more “fuzz” about its successes instead of what hasn’t been done yet.

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turisti tedeschi "voto" Grecia, tornare indietro sulla Turchia


German tourists are turning their backs on Turkey as a holiday destination in droves, according to data published by the “Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung” (GfK), Germany’s largest market research institute. Bookings by Germans for Turkish resorts for 2017 had declined by 58% by the end of January. German tourists are choosing other destinations due to terrorist attacks by either Islamic State jihadists or separatist PKK Kurdish fighters. As Doerte Nordbeck, a spokesperson for GfK said Germans are increasingly selecting Greece. “Greece is obviously benefiting from this trend, as is Egypt”, he underlined. Bookings for Greek tourism destinations were up by 67% at the end of January, as the country replaced Turkey as Germans’ second most popular destination, after the Balearic island, Nordbeck said. TUI, one of Germany’s top Tour Operators announced it had increased its room bookings in Rhodes, Crete and Kos by 40%.

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Quali paesi Grecia si aspetta che il più turistico da


In an effort to gauge the likelihood of incoming tourism per country to Greece, the Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SEVEN) Intelligence unit has incorporated the Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in its analytics arsenal. According to the CCI, which measures the consumer confidence citizens of countries as prospective tourists based on the OECD, visitors to Greece are more likely to come from the Czech Republic, USAm Finland, Slovacchia, Polonia, Ungheria, Olanda, and to a lesser degree from Austria, Germany and Sweden. The CCI data reflects the incoming flight bookings with the exception of the UK, where despite the low CCI, citizens have a high degree of flight bookings. Slovakia recorded the highest CCI number with 102.8, while Turkey registered the higher fall in CCI with 2.3% and stands at the lowest number at 96 punti. Arrivals in Greece were up by 6.9% via air for January, che rappresenta oltre 18,000 persone. Athens International Airport constituted 43% of those, and Thessaloniki airport 57%. Arrivals in Greece via road were down by 10.8% nel mese di gennaio 2017 rispetto allo stesso periodo dello scorso anno. Finally sea arrivals from Italy to Greece recorded a 6.8% increase compared to January 2016.

January land and air arrivals

Aφίξεις Ιανουάριος

CCI per country


Sea arrivals


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Oltre 50,000 partecipare alla 34 ° Maratona di Atene


In un record di tutti i tempi di partecipanti provenienti da 105 paesi in via di, il 34 ° Athens maratona è iniziata questa mattina, con 50,000 atleti iscritti che correranno in diverse lunghezze corso per tutta la giornata.

Dedicato alla memoria di campione balcanica e combattente di pace Grigoris Lambrakis, corsa di quest'anno coincide con il 120th anniversario delle prime moderne Olimpiadi tenute ad Atene nel 1896, dove la prima maratona moderna ha debuttato. Esso coincide anche con la 70th anniversario della maratona di Boston, al quale corridore greco Stelios Kyriakides preso il primo posto.

La Maratona segue il percorso storico di Fidippide, il mitico ed eroico spedizione corridore che commuovente ha una stima 40 km in 490 AC per portare Atene la notizia della vittoria della Grecia contro i Persiani a Maratona. Successivamente è scaduto da esaurimento.

Tra i corridori di rilievo che partecipano a maratona di quest'anno sono Lucas Lobouvan, che tenterà di battere il record corso, con un personale di 8.2.12.

Dato il numero record di partecipanti alla maratona di Atene di quest'anno, la Federazione di atletica leggera ha organizzato una seconda gara che si terrà questo pomeriggio per coloro che prenderanno parte al corso 5 km.

"Siamo felici di quest'anno di avere più di 50,000 corridori…. Vogliamo che la maratona di Atene per essere il più importante festival culturale e sportivo del mondo,” ha dichiarato il capo della Federazione Atletica Kostas Panagopoulos Sabato scorso in una intervista. "Stimiamo questo lascia la città un importo di circa 15 milioni di euro, che benefici non solo l'industria del turismo, ma anche Atene’ vita quotidiana,” ha detto ai giornalisti.

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la spesa media turistica verso il basso, studio mostra SETE


I dati rilasciati dal turismo Confederazione greca (SEVEN) ha rivelato l'impatto negativo della crisi dei rifugiati in Grecia e gli attacchi terroristici in Turchia ha avuto sull'industria del turismo in entrambi i paesi. Secondo i dati dello studio, arrivi turistici, così come il fatturato complessivo generato hanno risentito nel corso degli ultimi 7 mesi 7 i paesi del bacino del Mediterraneo. Le statistiche dimostrano che la spesa pro capite media è scesa in tutti i sette paesi, indipendentemente dalla variazione arrivi, con la Grecia essendo in media degli altri paesi. I numeri hanno dimostrato che non vi era una relazione inversa tra i flussi migratori e arrivi turistici, nel senso più alto è il numero di migranti in arrivo e dei rifugiati in un paese, gli arrivi turistici inferiori erano. Grecia ha visto un 1.6% cadere negli arrivi e un 4.9% riduzione dei ricavi. La mediana per spese in conto capitale di turisti in Grecia nel corso t6he periodo di 7 mesi è sceso da 3.3%. La Turchia ha registrato il più alto calo di arrivi (29.1%), con un fatturato che rientra anche da 30.1%, mentre l'Italia ha registrato un 4.4% salire negli arrivi, un 1.2% aumento dei ricavi e un 3.1% cadere in mediana la spesa pro capite. Spagna e Croazia hanno registrato un 11.2% e 9.7% aumento degli arrivi, rispettivamente, ma anche di vedere un calo della mediana per spese in conto capitale da parte 4.1% e 2.7%. Lo studio attribuisce il calo della spesa per la recessione economica e l'instabilità finanziaria generale in Europa.


Δαπάνη 2 Δαπάνη

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