Swingers’ delight in the open seas of the Aegean!

Sex tourism for swingers is a fast-growing industry in the Greek islands, with the Swedish travel agency “Metsail” offering adventurous couples the chance to live out their fantasies on board a yacht for 8 days in Rhodes. The titillating sea voyage takes the couples, usually between 30 and 40 years old on a route from Rhodes to Tilos-Agia Marina-Agios Nikolaos-Symi-Panormitis-Halki and Rhodes, and promises a very sensual, and unforgettable experience with luxury services. As the site states on its site:
“Imagine stepping off the gangway and immediately feeling somehow sexier and more alluring. Feel the approving glances of others as if you were a celebrity. Indeed! When you are with one of these cruises, that’s exactly how it begins. The atmosphere is sleek and sexy. You are joining other like-minded passengers ready to embark in a delicious week of fantasy fulfilment. Of course, everyone likes different flavours but with a group this large, it’s easy to guarantee that you will find many other couples just like you.”

The swinger voyages, which take place on yachts for a maximum of 6 couples sail every Sunday from Nea Marina. According to the site, the dates available are for 2019 between June 16 and 23 at a rate of 1,350 Euros per person, July 14-21 for 1,670 per person, August 11-18 for 1,820 and September 16-23 for 1,440. ed takes the
As part of the rules stipulated on the site no single men are allowed to take part while swapping partners on deck is forbidden, unless the boat is out in the open seas with no other ships around, in which case anything goes. As the site says: “Swinger activities are not allowed on the deck of the swinger cruise ship, but limited to cabins and specially prepared venues onboard. While we are on land or in a marina, certain lifestyle activities are also limited to the privacy of cabins. Our swinger cruises are not barbaric or perverse quests in Greece. While on a swinger cruise vacation there will be plenty of opportunities both for having sex and being a normal tourist. Because we do want to visit all those lovely tourist attractions, don’t we?”

While you are sailing on the open seas you are a swinger, and you can do whatever you like: flirt, touch and have the wildest sexual adventures when nobody is around watching. However, once on the land, you transform into a regular tourist. You can walk around and enjoy your vacation without anybody knowing about the other part of your travels. Enjoy amazing sightseeing, eat in wonderful restaurants, dance in top clubs, do everything that the average tourist does.

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Greece’s Civil Aviation Service under radical transformation

The Greek Civil Aviation Service is about to be split into two completely separate bodies, after the issue of the Presidential Decrees, following a Parliamentary Act passed two years ago.

The first new body will be APA, the Independent Agency to which all 44 airports of Greece, both private and state-run will be appertained to.

The second body will be the Civil Aviation Service which will be the responsible Authority for management of the state-owned airports in Greece.

Among the new responsibilities of the Independent Agency APA will be the air traffic management that is growing fast due to the boost of the Greek Tourism, the aeronautical information services as well as meteorological, administrative and security services.

According to information, the two new bodies will employ 3,000 people.

Source: Nick Kampouris/greekreporter

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Greek islands in the south account for half of tourism’s spending

Despite a growing reputation as a trendy and hip place for young people, tourists are still choosing the Greek island over Athens. As the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE) reports, these tourists spend nearly half of what the entire tourist sector brings in on the Cyclades, Dodecanese, and Crete.

Citing 2017 data supplied by the Bank of Greece, INSETE said the regions brought in 6.91 billion euros.

That made up 48.6 percent of the total tourism spending in a record year that was on course to be broken in 2018, although there are fears the deadly July 23 wildfire and reports of government negligence in seaside towns negatively affect potential guests.

Athens accounted for only 2 billion euros, far less than even Crete, despite the city rapidly gaining positive reviews and upgrades to the port of Piraeus by the operators, the Chinese company Cosco, aimed at bringing more luxury cruise ships.
Western Macedonia was the area with the least interest, bringing in only 45 million euros ($52.53 million,) from visitors, although neighboring Central Macedonia had the highest numbers due to its bordering on Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), which reached a deal with Greece to be renamed North Macedonia.

The area also was popular because of its proximity to the second-largest city and major port of Thessaloniki and the Halkidiki region, renowned for some of the best beaches in the country and world.

The next most popular area was the Southern Aegean, which accounted for 19 percent of all visits last year.

Each tourist visiting Greece in 2017 stayed for an average of 6.8 nights and spent 458 euros ($534.60,) or 68 euros ($79.37) per overnight stay. The average duration of stay grew by 0.8 percent from 2016, and average expenditure was up 1.9 percent, given that average spending per night increased 1.1 percent despite a new overnight tax imposed by the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA-led coalition which promised to cut taxes but raised them.

The biggest rises in overnight stays and expenditure by foreign tourists were to be found in the Peloponnese, the Southern Aegean and Attica in 2017, with luxury resort Costa Navarino gaining big draws for the Peloponnese.

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The “Greek Freak” invites the world to vacation in Greece (VIDEO)

No matter who you are of where you come from, if you ask Giannis Antetokounmpo where you must visit he’ll tell you his home country, Greece.

Antetokounmpo was born in Greece to Nigerian migrants and is famous worldwide for his athletic skills in basketball which he regularly shows off playing on the Milwaukee Bucks team of the NBA in the United States. Due to his talent, he has been dubbed the “Greek Freak”.

On Friday, Giannis, the tourism ambassador to Greece, posted a new tourism video from the latest campaign promoting his beloved country on his Instagram page – and within hours it had over 65,000 views!

“I tell my team mates: Guys, if you haven’t been to Greece you’re missing out,” Antetokounmpo told reporters on Friday, Reuters reported.. “I’m calling on people to come and get to know our country and see its beauty.”

The Milwaukee Bucks forward said that “the most important part of our Greek culture is solidarity and philanthropy,” and to this end he and his brothers are organizing a run to benefit the charity Kivotos tou Kosmou on July 7, from the Sepolia neighborhood to the Panathenaic Stadium (Kallimarmaro).

Watch Giannis’ latest video promoting Greece:

Source: Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi/greekreporter

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National Tourism Organization invites 587 bloggers to promote the beauty of Greece!


For the third year, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) is organizing a program of familiarization trips which intend to make a global touristic promotion of the country. The project intends to bring 587 foreign bloggers, journalists, and representatives of international travel agencies from 27 different countries in 167 familiarization trips scheduled until July to get to know and promote the 13 different regions of Greece, promoting Greek tourism abroad.


The guidelines of the program are included within the framework of the National and Regional Tourism Policy of the country presenting Greece as a year-round destination. A project that is being implemented with enormous success and that sees the participation of the different regions and municipalities as well as actors from the touristic private sector.


The first part of the Familiarization Travel Program, approved by the Greek National Tourism Organization aims to promote less known Greek destinations to the global travel community, but it also includes a targeted promotion of different thematic touristic proposals which intend to attract visitors throughout the year.


Some of the important news outlets participating in the project include journalists from Great Britain (Travel Chanel, BBC, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times, Walk Magazine and Evening Standard), France (France 2, France 5), the German publishing group Tagesspiegel, the Austrian newspapers Krone Zeitung & Die Presse, the Belgian magazine Exclusief, the Romanian National Geographic Traveler, Romania’s state TV channel TVR. Private channels such as Antenna 1, Antenna 2, Canal D, Prima TV have also been invited to attend the trips. Bloggers from England, Germany, and Denmark, as well as leading travel agencies from Frace, Japan, China, Poland, The Netherland, Israel, and Romania, will also be part of the planned visits.


Different Chinese travel agents, a Chinese travel magazine Travel Agent Magazine as well as a blogger with over 4 million followers on the social media will be taking part in the first Thematic Aegean cruise. Finally, CNN Travel will be hosted on the islands of Chios and Patmos so as to work on the promotion of both destinations as gastronomic and cultural places to visit in Greece.

Source: Gabi Ancarola/greekreporter

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Panos Kammenos: “No agreement to parliament if FYROM does not change its Constitution”


The government will not bring any agreement on the FYROM name issue to parliament unless the neighbouring country first changes its constitution, Defence Minister and head of the Independent Greeks party Panos Kammenos said in an interview on Tuesday.

According to Kammenos, who heads the junior partner in Greece’s ruling coalition, a solution is not likely to be found because the neighbouring country is not taking any steps in this direction. He also reiterated that the Independent Greeks will not vote for any name including the term ‘Macedonia’.

On the economic front, he noted that “Greece is exiting the crisis and the messages from the economy are good.” He underlined that Greece is the safest country in the region and that this, among others, will help tourism.

Regarding the recent attack on Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris, he said that violence must always be condemned and violates the principles of democracy.

Moreover, he forecast that elections will be held at the end of the government’s four-year term.

He also referred to the possibility of escalating tension ahead of Turkey’s elections, but suggested that Turkey will not dare to escalate tension in the Cypriot EEZ.

Finally, he underlined that both the Republic of Cyprus and Greece are protected and have extremely strong international alliances.

Source: thegreekobserver

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Exarchia turning into a Ghetto, claim furious Athenians


Hundreds of residents of the central Athenian neighborhood of Exarchia have called on the Greek prosecution service to intervene and put an end to the crime, vandalism and lawlessness threatening to turn the area into a ghetto.

A three-page appeal sent by 400 residents warns that anti-establishment, anarchist and other leftist groups are creating an “autonomous state of crime”, as the police and other state agencies are practically banned from the area.


Exarchia strikes fear into the hearts of many Athenians, who have seen televised images of masked and hooded anarchists battling police in the district’s back streets and main squares. Tires are burned to counteract tear gas, windows are frequently broken, cars torched and shops vandalized.

The residents’ appeal records at least 22 offenses, which are constantly being committed in Exarchia and make life in the area unbearable.


It also notes that residents are now beginning to think there is an organized plan to make Exarchia a dumping ground for all illegal activities in the greater Athens area.

Residents fear that turning Exarchia into a ghetto will affect tourism as a number of high-profile sights, such as the National Archaeological Museum and the National Library, are all located nearby.

They claim that, if allowed, they could have “solved the problem of lawlessness in a few days themselves”.


Source: Tasos Kokkinidis/greekreporter

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The reenactment of the “Battle of the Rupel Fortress” in Serres on May 12 & 13 (PHOTOS)


It began as a notable initiative and evolved into a tradition. On May 12th, the reenactment of the Battle of the legendary Rupel Fortress and the leading World War II historical event in Greece, “RUPEL 1941: THE REVIVAL” (www.roupel1941.gr), will take place once again in Serres.

The purpose of the event, held for the third consecutive year with the help of the Ministry of National Defense, is to preserve the historical memory, promote peace and cooperation between nations and countries, highlighting history-themed tourism in the northern part of Serres.

With the impressive effects of fire, explosions and airplane simulations on Sunday 3/5/2018 at 11:00 am, visitors will experience the raging attempt of the German invaders to occupy the legendary fortress of Rupel and the heroic resistance of its Greek defenders.

Watch the video of last year’s event:

This year’s event is dedicated to the hero artillery captain Alexandros Kyriakidis, who was killed during the German attack on Rupel.

During the weekend, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the Greek and German camps of the WWII campaign and the exhibitions that will be in the central area and visit the underground vault of the Rupel Fortress.

Specifically :

HELLENIC CAMP WWII: From Khaki Depot (a high-quality product company for museums, collectors, reenactment, etc.) in collaboration with the Historical Revival Team of the “STENOPOS” Association.

GERMAN CAMP WWII: From the Historic Revival Groups “Kampfgruppe «Süden» – Hellenic Reenactment Group”, “Brothers in Arms” and “Deutsches Freikorps Association”.

HELLENIC CAMP 1960 – 1970: Exhibition of historical military vehicles by the Association of Historic Military Vehicles (SISO).

COLLECTION OF THE ATHENS WAR MUSEUM: The annex of Thessaloniki, presents part of its collection, related to the battle of the Forts.

ART EXHIBITION: Works of pupils and students of schools in Serres and Thessaloniki, who took part in the competition “Battle of the Forts” (2018).

MEMORABILIA FROM THE BATTLE: Exhibition of “Fortress Battle” (1941), from Michalis Tsartsitsis Historical & Folklore Museum in Sidirokastro.

SCULPTURE EXHIBITION: Triantafylou Vaitsi’s “House of Shadow” (Xanthi) presents the “light and shadows sculpture ‘Holy Spirit’”.


DOCUMENTS FROM THE KARATAS FORTRESS: An exhibition of historical documents (newspapers, postcards, calendars, improvised cards, etc.) found in the abandoned galleries of Karatas fortress.

SMALL-SCALE MODEL EXHIBITION: The Association of Modelers of Serres and modelers from northern Greece present their creations inspired by the “Battle of the Forts” and not only.

“FORTRESSES OF HISTORY”: The fortresses of Belles and Agistro through the photographic lens of Anthimos Georgiadis (courtesy of Aratos Group).

THE 1941 HEADLINES: How did the Greek newspapers recorded and presented the German invasion of Greece, through their headlines of the time.

DRAWINGS & SKETCHES: Greek and foreign sketches of the Nazi attack against Greece during WWII.

PHOTOS OF THE BATTLE: Black and white photographs of the German attack and the resistance of the forts, from the archive of the researcher and author Elias Kotridis.

METAXAS LINE INFOGRAPHICS: The great technical work of the Metaxa Line with numbers, blueprints and sizes.

The “Retro Parade” event will take place on Saturday 12/5/2018 at 18:00 at the central square of Sidirokastro with historical military vehicles, reenactments from Greeks and friends from abroad, classical cyclists and others.

At 20:00 in the LAF of Sidirokastro, the “1940s Festival ” with songs, dances and dress code of that era.

Photos from last year’s event:












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2018 International Toilet Tourism Awards!


There are all sorts of international awards. But have you heard of the International Toilet Awards?
So if you are aware of any toilet in Greece used by tourists and stands out for its location, design or … the special experience it offers, then you still have time to nominate it as a candidate in the world’s best tourist toilets award for 2018.

The awards at MyTravelresearch.com aim to show tourism destinations that clean, creative, quirky public toilets go a long way to boosting a destination’s image and generating tourism dollars. The winners are expected to be announced on June 4, while entries close on May 1.

The 2018 awards will go to public toilets in the following categories (7):
Best Economic Contributor – for when people stop at a toilet in a destination and stay on to spend more than a penny.
Best Location – where the toilets have views and maybe considered an attraction in themselves.
Best Design – architectural brilliance in toilets, visual design and creativity.
Quirkiest Toilet Experience – relating to local heritage, fun, or otherwise noteworthy.
Best Accessible Toilet – supporting the idea of Tourism for all.
Sanitation Progress – aimed at developing economy destinations that have made big steps in public toilet provision.

The overall winner will receive an AU$2,000 donation contributed to the World Toilet Organization for allocation to a sanitation project in a developing economy. The donation will be made in the name of the overall winner, who will also receive a copy of every MyTravelResearch.com research publication in 2018 (worth AU$8000), and access to tourism research events. Other category winners will receive the same, minus the donation to the World Toilet Organization.

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Lakes in place of οld mines in Evia create magnificent Alpine landscape (PHOTOS)


A former mining complex in Mantoudi, in Northern Evia, has turned into a magnificent alpine landscape as 12 natural lakes have been created from the mining craters.

Mantoudi, only two hours away from Athens, is like a miracle of natural transformation. Most of the lakes have a depth of about 80 meters.


The underground waters that came to the surface created a hospitable ecosystem. Wild reeds, oleanders, pines and plane trees make up the landscape. There are many amphibian reptiles, birds, turtles, and fish that were thrown to the lakes by locals.

The lakes have developed in two areas: the first one is in Paraskevorema, between Prokopi and Mantoudi and the second on the slopes of the neighboring mountain range Kantili, between the villages of Dafnona, Kakavos, Spathari and Kalyvia.

The municipal authority of the municipality of Limni Mandoudi-Agia Anna claims the exploitation of the lakes in the framework of educational tourism programs.


As the mayor of Limni Christos Kaliviotis told the Athens Macedonia News Agency, the exploitation of these lakes can be included in the wider program for the creation of the Geopark of Northern Evia.

In the first phase, some basic infrastructure (benches, tables, pavilions, etc.) will be put in place, so the area can become a recreation attraction in Northern Evia for the whole year, and not just in the summer months.

In Paraskevorema there is also a living monument of nature, the Great Platanos (or Geroplatanos) of Evia.


Next to the River Keira sits the oldest, perhaps, plane tree of the Balkans, as its age is estimated from 1,500 to 2,000 years.

In 1972, its trunk had a perimeter of 18 meters, a diameter of 6 meters, the height of the tree was 30 meters, and the extent of its shadow was 2.5 acres.

Source: Philip Chrysopoulos/greekreporter.com

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